Mission and Vision

Staff Values

We value acountability, diversity, justice, collegiality, innovation, and respect. Learn more about our Staff Values.

Mission, Vision, and Values (PDF)

Our Mission

We serve the law. We teach it, study it, practice it, and work to make it just. This is our mission.

Our students come to William Mitchell with diverse traits, talents, and experiences, yet they have in common a desire to transform themselves into skilled and ethical legal professionals. They learn from us and from each other. We challenge and support them, and we are responsive to their family and career commitments.

We study law and the legal profession as critical observers and active participants. Our legal education incorporates scholarship and practice, maintains a strong connection to the profession, is intellectually rigorous, and instills an ethic of service to clients and community.

Our students graduate with the practical wisdom to put the law to work.

Our Vision

To pioneer a demanding legal education so engaged with the profession that our graduates have an enduring advantage as they meet the challenges of an increasingly complex world.