Notable Alumni

For more than 100 years, William Mitchell graduates have been using their legal educations to accomplish wonderful things in the legal profession, business, and public service.

Notable alumni include a U.S. Supreme Court chief justice, pioneers who overcame discrimination, governors, members of the U.S. Congress, CEOs of multinational corporations, and defenders of the disenfranchised.

Their incredible achievements are a testament to Mitchell’s tradition of excellence. These distinguished alumni are an inspiration to the Mitchell community and the world at large. We are proud of their outstanding accomplishments and proud to call them William Mitchell alumni.

The Bench

Chief Justice Warren E. Burger ’31
United States Supreme Court

Chief Justice Roger L. Dell ’20
Minnesota Supreme Court

Martin A. Nelson ’16
Minnesota Supreme Court

Justice Rosalie E. Wahl '67Justice Rosalie E. Wahl ’67
First woman to serve on Minnesota Supreme Court

Chief Judge Paul A. Magnuson ’63
U.S. District Court for Minnesota

Justice Samuel L. Hanson ’65
Minnesota Supreme Court

Judge Ronald E. Hachey ’43
Ramsey County District Court

Justice Esther M. Tomljanovich '55Justice Esther M. Tomljanovich ’55
Second woman to serve on the Minnesota Supreme Court

Judge Susanne C. Sedgwick ’56
Founding member of National Association of Women Judges

Justice William P. Murphy ’22
Minnesota Supreme Court

Justice Luther Youngdahl ’21
Minnesota Supreme Court

Chief Justice Eric J. Magnuson '76

Justice Albert H. Angstman ’12
Montana Supreme Court

Chief Justice Eric J. Magnuson ’76
Minnesota Supreme Court

Chief Judge Peter S. Popovich ’47
Minnesota Court of Appeals

Justice Helen Meyer '84

Chief Justice James T. Harrison ’26
Montana Supreme Court

Justice Helen Meyer ’83
Minnesota Supreme Court

Denise D. Reilly ‘83
Minnesota Court of Appeals

Peter M. Reyes Jr. ‘97
Minnesota Court of Appeals



Janet M. Dolan ’76
CEO, Tennant Company

Jann Olsten ’74
Co-founder of Archiver’s

Stephen Bonner ’72
President and CEO, Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Jonel Hill ’50
President, Southern California Gas Company


C. Paul Jones LL.M. '55

Lenor A. Scheffler ’88
First member of the Mdewakanton Dakota Community to become a lawyer

Jeffrey R. Anderson ’75
Pioneering advocate for victims of sexual abuse

C. Paul Jones LL.M. ’55
Minnesota’s first public defender

Lena O. Smith '21

Lena O. Smith ’21
Minnesota’s first African American woman lawyer

Nonprofit Service

William H. DeParcq ’30
Founder of the Courage Center

Jessie R. Nicholson ’85
CEO, Southeastern Minnesota Regional Legal Services

Jessie R. Nicholson '85Thomas M. Conlin ’58
Habitat for Humanity leader

Donald F. Zibell ’62
Established Minnesota’s first group home for people with developmental disabilities


William T. Francis '04Elmer A. Benson ’18
Minnesota Governor

Luther Youngdahl ’21
Minnesota Governor

Raymond W. Cannon ’30
Active in Republican politics and NAACP

William T. Francis ’04
U.S. minister to Liberia

Oscar Youngdahl ’25
U.S. House of Representatives

Floyd B. Olson ’15
Minnesota Governor

Lori Swanson ’95

Lori Swanson ’95
Minnesota’s first woman attorney general

G. Aaron Youngquist ’09
Minnesota Attorney General
Assistant U.S. Attorney General

Sue K. Dosal ’79
Minnesota’s first state court administrator

Ray J. Quinlivan ’23
Minnesota Legislature

Rep. Sean Duffy ’99
U.S. House of Representatives

Thomas Schall ’04
U.S. Senate