Academic Excellence Program

“Even after one workshop, I feel like I’m doing much better. I look at every new thing we learn and try to come up with an analytical framework for it, like you taught us. It really helps demystify the process!”


The mission of the Academic Excellence Program (AEP) is to facilitate the transition to law school and promote academic success by helping students develop the skills they need to attain their full academic potential and become self-reliant.

Specific Goals

  1. Help all students, from high-achieving students to underprepared students, transition smoothly to law school and work up to their full academic potential.
  2. Help students become effective learners and self-reliant by introducing them to the study habits and learning strategies successful law students use.
  3. Help students succeed academically by introducing them to the skills necessary to perform legal analysis and providing them opportunities to practice these  skills.
  4. Provide support and guidance to help students adjust emotionally to the demands of law school.


To fulfill its mission, the Academic Excellence Program offers: