Professor Port


Areas of specialization

William Mitchell’s top-ranked clinical program, centers, institutes, special programs, and study abroad opportunities allow students to specialize in areas of interest, including intellectual property, criminal law, business law, Indian law, elder law, transactions and settlements, and more.

Professor Port

Students work closely with professors on legal research projects, client representation, negotiation, and the drafting of various types of legal documents.

Areas of specialization

Our classes teach theory, practical skills, and the professional attributes students need to be successful lawyers and business professionals.

Courses integrate lectures, reading, and hands-on training. They empower students with the ability to think critically, argue compellingly, write sharply, negotiate successfully, and favorably complete transactions.

By the time our students earn their degree, they have the skills, knowledge, professionalism, and experience to hit the ground running as lawyers. We call it practical wisdom.

The first year

A solid foundation on which to build your career, the William Mitchell first-year curriculum prepares students to represent clients, argue before a judge, and do the work of the lawyer—even before they earn J.D.s.

From day one, courses build on one another, so students see how the concepts and skills they’ve learned in one class relate to their other classes.

The highlight of the first year for many students is WRAP (Writing and Representation: Advocacy and Problem Solving). WRAP helps students begin to master the skills needed to be effective advocates—researching, writing, interviewing, counseling, and professionalism—in a small class setting.

The entire first year is devoted to ensuring that students have a thorough understanding of core legal concepts and skills as well as an understanding of the level of professionalism it takes to move on to advanced courses, clinics, specialized areas of the law, and externships.

Opportunities to excel