The Legal Practice Center

The Legal Practice Center

The Legal Practice Center is an actual law office on campus where students gain real-world experience working on real legal cases.

The heart of William Mitchell’s practical legal education, it’s where students work with professors to put the theories they’ve learned in the classroom to work for clients who might not otherwise have access to legal representation.

Our clinical program is ranked 32nd in the country by U.S. News & World Report. William Mitchell was a pioneer in developing a clinical program during the 1970s. Today, we’re still recognized as a national leader.

William Mitchell’s clinic program, ranked nationally, was one of the first to be established at a U.S. law school more than 30 years ago.

Clinics are committed to public service and learning through experience. Our thirteen clinics give you the opportunity to represent indigent clients, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations that otherwise could not afford an attorney.

As a third- or fourth-year law student, you are given a case in which you meet and advise the client, prepare documents, negotiate with the opposing attorney, and, possibly, argue the case in court.

What you’ll do in clinics

You might set up a nonprofit corporation for someone making products for people with disabilities in our Tax Planning Clinic, represent someone facing deportation in our Immigration Law Clinic, or help a senior citizen in our Civil Advocacy Clinic who’s a victim of consumer fraud.

Whether you plan to work in a public interest law setting, in corporate law, or in a business, the experience you’ll gain from our clinic program will help you develop professional judgment, confidence in your advocacy and counseling skills, and an understanding of the critical role justice plays in our democracy.

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