Mitchell Faculty: Putting the law to work

You won’t find an ivory tower at William Mitchell. But you will find professors who are scholars as well as skilled legal practitioners.

Our faculty

From working with lawmakers at the Capital to representing clients in court to traveling the world consulting with foreign governments, our professors work outside of the classroom. It keeps them sharp. It keeps them appraised of new developments in the law. And it allows them to let students in on cutting-edge legal developments and trends.

The William Mitchell Faculty

Making the Law While Teaching It

Professor Daniel S. Kleinberger

As National Expert, He Writes the Laws

Professor Daniel Kleinberger is a fixture in state and national legislative drafting projects, writing the statutes that govern limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and limited liability partnerships.


Professor Ted Sampsell-Jones

Bringing the Court to the Classroom

In Evidence class, Professor Ted Sampsell-Jones has his students evaluate the prosecution’s evidence from the Barry Bonds case. It’s real-world work that Sampsell-Jones knows personally.


Professor Kimberley Dayton

Making Policy, Changing Lives

As director of the Center for Elder Justice and Policy, Professor Kim Dayton works to bring resources and legal expertise to seniors and their families.