Hybrid Program Course Sequence

The hybrid program’s core curriculum is focused on experiential learning. Each semester has a clear and carefully designed curricular focus. Students spend 11 or 12 weeks a semester completing online coursework that culminates in a week-long, on-campus Capstone week focused on experiential learning.

Additionally, William Mitchell offers students in the hybrid program the opportunity to focus on Indian law or law and business. Courses for the Indian law and law and business tracks are indicated below by these icons:
Indian Law focus Indian Law focus
Law and Business focus Law and Business focus

First Year

On-Campus Hybrid Preparation Week I occurs before Semester I begins with orientation plus preliminary coursework.

Semester I–Legal Foundations I (10 Credits)

Course Credits
WRAP (Skills Course) 3
Torts: The Common Law Process 4
Criminal Law: Statutory Interpretation 3
total 10

Semester II–Legal Foundations II (11 Credits)

Course Credits
WRAP (Skills Course) 3
Contracts: Transactional Law 4
Property: Jurisprudential and Comparative Analysis 4
total 11

An On-Campus Capstone Week occurs at or near the end of each semester. The first three courses listed for any semester on this page will have a capstone component.
See the hybrid program academic calendar for details

Second Year

On-Campus Hybrid Preparation Week II occurs before Semester III begins with short preliminary coursework.

Semesters III–Litigation (10 Credits)

Course Credits
Evidence Workshop: Facts and Proof (Skills Course) 3
Civil Dispute Resolution 4
Liberties: Advanced Legal Reasoning 3
total 10

Semesters IV–Litigation (10 Credits)

Course Credits
Advocacy (Skills Course) 3
Professional Responsibility 2
Constitutional Law: Powers 2
Criminal Procedure or
Indian Law focus Federal Indian Law
total 10

Third Year

Semesters V–Transactions (11 Credits)

Course Credits
Transactions and Settlements (Skills Course) 3
Employment Law 3
Externship or Elective 2
Introduction to Business Organizations or
Indian Law focus Introduction to Tribal Law
total 11

Semesters VI–Transactions (11 Credits)

Course Credits
ADR (Skills Course) 3
Family Law 3
Trusts and Estates 2
Introduction to Commercial Law or
Indian Law focus Advanced Federal Indian Law
total 11

Fourth Year

Semester VII–Public Law (11 Credits)

Course Credits
Administrative and Legislative Process (Skills Course) or
Law and Business focus The Start-Up Business Enterprise
Administrative Law or
Law and Business focus Accounting and Finance Survey
Income Tax 3
Law Practice Management or
Indian Law focus Indian Law: Tribal Code Drafting Clinic
total 11

Semester VIII–Keystone Semester (9 Credits)

Course Credits
Deals and Dispute Resolution (Skills Course) 3
Keystone Externship (or Clinic or Elective), Seminar, and Long Paper or
Indian Law focus Indian Law: Impact Litigation Clinic
total 9

This course sequence is subject to change.