Practical Wisdom

William Mitchell College of LawPractical wisdom in 52 words:

One of the top-ranked clinical programs in the country. A leader in teaching theory and practical, real-world skills. Robust externship and mentoring programs. Faculty who teach, study, and practice. A large, engaged, supportive alumni base. A commitment to community service. Innovative enrollment options.

That’s William Mitchell College of Law.
That’s practical wisdom.

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Practical wisdom in the words of alumni and professors of William Mitchell.

William Mitchell Clinical Program

Top-ranked in Minnesota

Serving Minnesota

Last spring’s graduating class served 8,000 clients through the clinical program while in law school.

Second-, third-, and fourth-year students practice law in William Mitchell’s clinical program, which is located on-campus in the Rosalie Wahl Legal Practice Center.

Since our clinical program began in 1973, thousands of students have served tens of thousands of clients who might not otherwise have had access to legal representation. Students’ knowledge of the law is put to the test. Their legal skills are sharpened. Their judgment is honed. The work is rigorous and important—just like the real world.

Clinics: the top-ranked clinical program in Minnesota

Skills-based curriculum

Learning by doing—in and out of the classroom

Learning to practice law isn’t entirely about reading casebooks and listening to lectures.

At Mitchell, first-year students gain a distinct advantage in their education and professional careers during their first year of law school. All students take Writing and Representation: Advocacy and Problem Solving (WRAP). It features small group classes designed to help students begin to master fundamental client representation skills such as interviewing clients, writing memos, researching the law, negotiating contracts, settling cases, and arguing motions.

In addition, all Mitchell students take a hands-on skills-building Advocacy course that focuses on client representation, and advocacy skills in a courtroom setting.

Skills-based curriculum: learning by doing in and out of the classroom

William Mitchell Externship Program

Make a difference where it matters most to you

From supporting the rule of law to ensuring that the accused have access to a vigorous defense to helping military veterans—you have an array of meaningful opportunities through the Externship Program.

Externships allow students to earn academic credit and gain valuable real-world experience by working off campus with practicing attorneys.

More importantly, they allow students to work in an area of law that interests them—and work to make that area more effective, more efficient, and more just.

Externships: Make a difference where it matters most to you

Public service at Mitchell

It’s not a requirement, it’s part of our culture

William Mitchell recognizes the valuable role of public service in preparing students for successful careers after graduation, so we offer a variety of ways for you to volunteer, provide pro bono services, and be part of service initiatives in the community.

Every student who wishes to do so may be involved in the Minnesota Justice Foundation, clinics, or externships.

Many students earn academic credit. Some find permanent jobs after graduation. All build skills and make a positive difference. At William Mitchell, public service is about more than volunteering your time—it’s about using the legal knowledge and skills you’ve gained in the classroom to create a better community for your neighbors and a brighter future for yourself.

Public service: It’s not a requirement, it’s part of our culture

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