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 How Mitchell alumni use their J.D.s
How Mitchell alumni use their J.D.s

Career & Professional Development

Helping students build job-search skill, find volunteer and employment opportunities, and get hired..

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Career & Professional Development Office

First-year law students have plenty of new experiences to deal with, but it’s never too early to start planning for a successful career.

Mitchell’s robust Career and Professional Development Office offers unique programs that give students a jump start on the competition.

  • All incoming students are immediately assigned a counselor who has a J.D. to work with them throughout their Mitchell careers.
  • All first-year students attend resume and cover letter workshops, where they receive one-on-one advice and individual reviews of their documents.
  • Students have opportunities to attend an annual series of discussions featuring experts talking about summer work opportunities, different practice areas, and non-traditional career paths.
  • First-, second-, third-, and fourth-year students have opportunities to tap into Mitchell’s large and supportive alumni base through networking events held throughout the year.
  • The Career and Professional Development Office provides opportunities for students to practice job-search skills through mock interviews with attorneys from organizations, corporations, and law firms; job shadow programs; and apprenticeship programs.

Of course there’s nothing like getting guidance from peers. Most first-year Mitchell students also take part in a mentor program that groups them with another 1L student and an upper class student, in addition to two recent alumni. Students are matched based on their legal interest area or a common professor and the groups meet once a month.

Kristen Perry

Full-time student studying criminal law talks about her externship experience.