Mitchell Mentors

William Mitchell’s alumni network is large, successful, and supportive. It’s a powerhouse in Minnesota’s legal community and our graduates take great pride in helping Mitchell students by serving as mentors, offering externships, and hiring them.

Connecting students with alumni

Your first year of law school can be a big adjustment. Sometimes you may want to talk to someone who can relate to the law school experience. You may be looking for study tips or career planning advice from someone who has been through it.

As a William Mitchell student, you have access to our large alumni network. Over 12,000 Mitchell grads work throughout the country as lawyers, teachers, businesspeople and in other professions. You won’t have to look far to find someone who can answer a question, provide job assistance or just understand what you are going through.

Find help through Mitchell Mentors

Meet and learn from recent William Mitchell alumni through Mitchell Mentors.  This is an opportunity to learn the ropes of the first year of law school from recent graduates. Students who sign up for the program will be assigned to a group of three–four students, two alumni co-mentors, and one upper-class student (peer) mentor.

Mitchell Mentors was designed to help you transition into your first year of law school by learning tips and strategies about preparing for class, studying for exams, and maintaining a healthy life balance while in law school.  Students who apply are expected to make a time commitment of 1–2 hours per month to participate in planning activities and meeting with their mentor group.

Throughout the year, you can contact your alumni mentors and participate in organized student/alumni group events on campus, including a fall kick-off event,January thaw event, and other activities.

If you have questions throughout the year, your mentors are there to help any way they can. We encourage you to take advantage of this special opportunity to make professional and personal connections with Mitchell alumni.