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How much does a William Mitchell education cost?

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A legal education is an investment that requires thoughtful planning.

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Many Mitchell students receive scholarship assistance. Admissions counselors can discuss scholarships you may be eligible to receive.


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Tuition for 2015–16 will be announced during the Spring 2015 term. The base amount for 2014–15 tuition and fees is $38,620 for full-time students (students carrying 12–15 credits in both Fall and Spring Semesters) and $27,990 for part-time students (students carrying 8–11 credits in both Fall and Spring Semesters). But that doesn’t tell the whole story. Many Mitchell students receive significant scholarship assistance. In fact, 87 percent of students who entered in Fall 2013 received a 25 percent or higher scholarship.

William Mitchell has a robust scholarship program designed for students from all walks of life. Scholarships are awarded based upon a variety of factors including previous academic excellence, professional experience, service and leadership experience, personal experience, and interest in specific areas of law.

Scholarships range in value from 10 percent of tuition to 100 percent of tuition.

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The effect of a 25-percent scholarship
Full-time Tuition and Fees with 25% scholarship Part-time Tuition and Fees with 25% scholarship
Total $29,020 $21,047
Tuition 38,400 27,770
Less 25% Scholarship -9,600 -6,943
Printing Fee 10 10
SBA Fee 100 100
Technology Fee 150 150

Tuition for 2015–16 will be announced during the Spring 2015 term.