2006-2012 Grads Needed to Become Mitchell Mentors

If you graduated between 2006-2012 and are interested in helping incoming 1Ls learn the ropes, figure things out, and have a great first year of law school, consider signing up to become a Mitchell Mentor. We take 2-3 first-year students, add a second-year peer advisor, and then place them in a team with two alumni co-mentors to form a powerful and supportive group to help the first-year students make a successful transition to law school. Each month your team will have a goal to complete, such as an information interview or a job shadow, an observational opportunity, a happy hour or other social gathering, and more. Check out the updated Handbook here and apply today!

(If you graduated before 2006, we welcome your participation as a one-on-one mentor for students in the last year of law school. Go here to express your interest in this program.)