Auditing opportunities for Mitchell alumni

To Register

  1. Review course descriptions and professor bios
  2. Complete auditing application (beginning Dec. 1) no later than Monday, Dec. 8
  3. Wait for an email no later than Monday, Dec. 14, indicating whether you have been registered, and including a link to make payment by credit card and to first assignments
  4. Pay your auditing fee by no later than Friday, Dec. 18 (you’ll receive a link to pay by credit card).

William Mitchell offers Mitchell and Hamline alumni the opportunity to audit classes at the reduced rate of $150 per credit hour (or less than $11 per CLE credit). Recent graduates (from ’14 and ’15) may audit one course per academic year at no charge.

The Basics

Registration for spring semester 2016 runs from Dec. 1-8.

                • Spring classes begin Friday, Jan. 15 for weekend classes and Wednesday, Jan. 20 for day and evening classes.  Academic Calendar
                • Mitchell and Hamline alumni may audit one course on a space-available basis (priority will be given to alumni who have not previously audited a course).
                • The following courses are available for spring 2016 auditors:
Description Course Offering Credits Professor
Administrative Law 3130 2016SP1 3.00 Staff, 0
Bank Audit and Compliance 3261 2016JT1 2.00 Staff, 0
Bankruptcy 3271 2016SP1 2.00 Staff, 0
Business Entity Taxation 3670 2016SP1 3.00 Staff, 0
Business Organizations 2000 2016SP2 4.00 Staff, 0
Civil Dispute Resolution II 3060 2016SP1 3.00 Tostrud, Eric
Compliance Skills: Auditing 3022 2016SP1 3.00 Staff, 0
Consumer Lending 3263 2016SP1 2.00 Staff, 0
Consumer Rights Law 8311 2016SP1 2.00 Barry, Peter
Corporate Accounting & Financial Reporting (fka Accounting & Finance Survey) 2018 2016SP1 2.00 Staff, 0
Deposit Regulation and Banking Operations 3262 2016SP1 2.00 Staff, 0
Election Law 3031 2016SP1 3.00 Levine, Raleigh
Employment Discrimination 3860 2016SP1 3.00 Staff, 0
Employment Law Survey 3870 2016SP1 3.00 Staff, 0
Energy Law 4614 2016SP1 2.00 Bjorklund, Ingrid
Environmental Law 3925 2016SP1 3.00 Konar-Steenberg, Mehmet
Estate Planning 3990 2016SP1 3.00 Patrick, Dennis
Estates & Trusts 3960 2016SP1 3.00 McLeod, Robert
Evidence 2500 2016SP1 3.00 Sampsell-Jones, Ted
Evidence 2500 2016SP3 3.00 Staff, 0
Family Law 4000 2016SP1 3.00 Jerabek, John
Family Law Survey 4000 2016SP2 2.00 Grose, Carolyn
Feminist Jurisprudence 4070 2016JT1 3.00 Deer, Sarah
Genocide Prevention: A 21st – Century Challenge 4601 2016SP1 2.00 Kennedy, Ellen
Governance and Ethics HCC 3023 2016SP1 2.00 Staff, 0
Health Law: Organization and Finance 3026 2016SP1 3.00 Staff, 0
Immigration Law 4200 2016SP1 3.00 Staff, 0
Income Tax 2600 2016SP1 4.00 Staff, 0
IP – Advanced Trademark Law 5504 2016SP1 2.00 Staff, 0
IP – Intellectual Asset Management 5400 2016SP1 3.00 Prohofsky Krelitz, Susan
IP – Patent Law II 5000 2016SP1 3.00 Moy, R. Carl
Iran, Law, and Society 8014 2016JT1 2.00 Radsan, Afsheen John
Lawyer as Business Owner 8293 2016SP1 2.00 Fuith, Leanne
Legislation 4681 2016SP1 2.00 Hilstrom, Debra
No Fault Insurance 4950 2016SP1 2.00 McEllistrem, Paul
Poverty Law 5065 2016SP1 2.00 Fischlowitz, Sharon H.
Products Liability 5142 2016SP1 2.00 Staff, 0
Public Health Law 4345 2016SP1 3.00 Krueger, Jill E.
Remedies 5270 2016SP1 2.00 Staff, 0
Securities Regulation 5370 2016SP1 2.00 Ainsworth, Louis
The Dakota in Minnesota: A Legal History 3016 2016JT1 3.00 Routel, Colette
Trade Secret Law 9913 2016SP1 2.00 Staff, 0


                                • Make payment by no later than Friday, Dec. 18
                                • Regularly attend class (and contact the professor prior to any missed classes)
                                • Fully participate in all class activities including small group work, skills exercises, and presentations
                                • Purchase course materials and complete reading and other assignments
                                • NOT take final examinations

Buy Books

Mitchell Bookstore or 651-290-6334.

Other helpful information

Apply for CLE credit According to Rule 5.A.9 of the MN Board of Continuing Legal Education’s CLE Rules: (9) A lawyer shall not receive credit for any course attended before being admitted to practice law in Minnesota, but one so admitted may receive credit of one hour for each 60 minutes actually spent in attendance, for attending for credit or as an auditor, a regular course offered by a law school approved by the American Bar Association. To apply for CLE credit, follow these instructions from Minnesota Board of Continuing Legal Education. You are responsible for tracking the number of hours you attend class.

Each credit translates into about 14 hours of class time, so for a 2 credit class, assume about 28 hours of class time, etc.