Mitchell Mentors for Recent Alumni and First-Year Students

Mitchell Mentors connects first-year students with recent alumni and a student peer advisor to help make the transition to law school successful.

While students are encouraged to begin thinking about future career choices, the program’s focus is on helping new Mitchell students have a great first year of law school.

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The Hachey Ambassadors Mentor Program for 3Ls and 4Ls

The Hachey Ambassadors Mentor Program matches students in their last year of school with more experienced alumni who are working in areas of specific interest to the students, with an emphasis on observational opportunities, expanding networks, and building additional connections to the student’s career of choice. Students therefore have the opportunity to participate in a mentor program during their first, second, and last year of law school.

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Contacts for Mitchell’s Mentoring Programs

Sharon Goodyear
Career and Professional Development Program Administrator

Alison Morris
Alumni Relations Officer