Christina L. Kunz

Emerita Professor of Law

Professor Kunz retired from full-time teaching at the end of June 2013 and was granted emeritus status by the William Mitchell board. She joined the William Mitchell faculty in 1980 and taught for 33 years.

Originally hired to co-direct the college’s fledgling Legal Writing program, she worked with Professor Deborah Schmedemann and other colleagues to develop and expand it into a rigorous, high-quality course, while writing The Process of Legal Research (a well-respected textbook now in its 8th edition) and Synthesis: Legal Reading, Reasoning, and Writing (now in its 3rd edition). The resulting course made it a model nationally for how to integrate the teaching of research, reading, reasoning, and writing and how to successfully hire and train experienced attorneys to teach as adjunct faculty.

While teaching and researching the law at Mitchell, Professor Kunz cultivated expertise in contracts and commercial law, including electronic commerce. She advised the Uniform Law Commission drafting committee on UCC Art. 2A, served as an American Bar Association Observer to the drafting committee on UCC Art. 2, and is currently an ABA Advisor to the drafting committee on Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets.

She served in various positions over two decades in the American Bar Association’s committees on the UCC and on Cyberspace Law. In the American Law Institute, she served on the Members’ Consultative Group on the Principles of the Law of Software Contracts.

She and University of Minnesota Professor of Law Carol Chomsky wrote two textbooks—Sale of Goods: Reading and Applying the Code (now in its 2nd edition) and Contracts: A Contemporary Approach (now in its 2nd edition, with an electronic edition).

She has a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a J. D. from Indiana University School of Law-Indianapolis. She continues to make presentations, teach contract law courses to purchasing and supply chain professionals, and serve on law reform projects.

“The vigor of the student body at William Mitchell makes this a terrific place to teach. I enjoy bringing my ABA public service work (on UCC Article 2 and e-commerce law) to my teaching to infuse real-life concerns and situations into the classroom. In addition, my students’ input plays a key role in helping me write text books on sales law, contract law, writing, and research.”


B.S., 1975, University of Wisconsin, Madison
J.D., 1978, Indiana University School of Law, Indianapolis


William Mitchell College of Law: emerita professor of law, 2014-; professor of law, 1984-2013; associate professor of law, 1982-84; assistant professor of law, 1981-82; legal writing co-coordinator, 1980-99.

Lecturer and co-director, Legal Writing, Indiana University School of Law, Indianapolis, 1978-80.

Admitted: Indiana, 1979; Minnesota 2013.

Professional Focus

Professor Kunz has helped to develop electronic commercial law since 1990. She actively participates in the ABA Cyberspace Law Committee, is a frequent speaker on the topic nationwide, and has co-authored groundbreaking articles on electronic contract formation and legal issues in online multiplayer games. This expertise supplements a longstanding interest in Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) sales law and contract law. She has co-authored innovative textbooks on contract law and sales of goods under the Uniform Commercial Code. She was formerly a vice chair of the ABA Committee on the UCC and is now a vice chair of the ABA Cyberspace Law Committee in the Business Law Section. She was elected to ALI in 2002 and served on the Members Consultative group on the Principles of the Law of Software Contracts. Kunz is also known nationally in the field of legal research and writing, is co-author of many editions of twomajor textbooks on the topic, and has actively participated in the Legal Writing Institute and related ABA and AALS organizations.

Leadership & Service

American Bar Assn.: Section of Business Law, Cyberspace Committee, vice chair, 2008-; co-chair, Working Group on Electronic Contracting Practices, 1999-2002, 2005- 2006; co-chair, Subcommittee on Electronic Commerce, 1998-99, 2005-.  American Bar Assn.: Section of Business Law, UCC Committee: vice chair, 2003-05; member, UCC Sales and Leasing Subcommittee, 1990-; American Bar Assn.: Section on Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar: member, Communication Skills Committee, 1996-98; ABA observer, NCCUSL Drafting Committee on UCC Article 2, 1994-2002; American Law Institute, Members Consultative Group, Principles of the Law of Software Contracts, 2005-.