Mark Edwards

Professor of Law

“In the movie The Matrix, the main character is given a choice: swallow a blue pill and live his life as before, or swallow a red pill and see the invisible matrix that underlies apparent reality. Learning law is a little like swallowing the red pill. A matrix of social relations flows around each person, each object, each act. The law attempts, imperfectly, to define the limits and obligations of our social relations; in doing so, it gives us a glimpse of the social matrix.”


J.D., magna cum laude, University of Wisconsin Law School, 1998


William Mitchell College of Law: professor of law, 2012- ; associate professor of law, 2007-2012.

Professional Focus

I am interested in the complex interaction of law and social relations. The focus of my research and writing has been on:

  • Behavior that is formally illegal but socially acceptable, particularly with regard to property rights
  • Dispossession and restitution, primarily in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Social science and the law

Leadership & Service

Professor Edwards was voted Professor of the Year for 2007-2008  and 2010-2011 by the William Mitchell student body. He is a contributing editor to PropertyProf Blog.

Research & Scholarship

Projects currently in draft form (for published projects please see Bibliography):

  • Unworthiness, Time & Responsibility: Overcoming the Paradoxes of Restitution
  • Minds the Gaps: Predictable Impediments in the Path of the Law

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