Staff Department Directory

Academic Achievement

Dean Raths 651-695-7630
Adjunct Professor, Assistant Director, WRAP

Sally Zusman 651-290-6398
Director, Academic Achievement & Resident Adjunct Professor


Ronny Bradtke 651-290-6476
Admissions Coordinator

Julie Ekkers 651-290-6434
Assistant Dean

Ann Gemmell 651-695-7601
Assistant Director

Tina Scaramuzzo 651-290-6349
Assistant Director

Anne Wolsfeld 651-290-6380
Admissions Counselor

Career and Professional Development

Jane Crow 651-290-6326
Career and Professional Development Specialist

Sharon Goodyear 651-290-7508
Program Administrator/Career Counselor

Andrew Lehner 651-695-7613
Assistant Director, Career & Professional Development

Karen Vander Sanden 651-695-7606
Assistant Dean, Career & Professional Development

Center for Law and Business

Louis Ainsworth 651-695-7619

Leanne Fuith 651-290-6340
Assistant Director

Dean’s Office

Mary Patricia Byrn 651-290-6478
Associate Dean for Administration

Deb Calvert 651-290-6310
Executive Assistant and Administrative Manager (Faculty Support)

Eric Janus 651-290-6310
President and Dean

Mehmet Konar-Steenberg 651-290-6456
Associate Dean for Faculty


Allison Burke
Assistant Development Officer

Paul DeGeest 651-290-6412
Development Officer

Caris Li 651-290-6341
Advancement Services Specialist

Cheryl Nelson 651-290-6355
Development Officer

Expert Witness Training Academy

Linda Thorstad 651-290-6389
Principle Curriculum Designer and Program Coordinator


Greg Chavez 651-290-6459

Jesus Enriquez 651-290-6459

Jeff Feldmeier 651-290-6459

David Hellermann 651-290-6457
Assistant Director, Facilities & Security

Frank Hoffman 651-290-6459

Colleen Koehler 651-290-6354

Amy Laajala 651-290-6459

Jeremiah Lowe 651-290-6459

Robert Mooney 651-290-6459

Aja Parham 651-290-6350
College Services Assistant

Rick Plumer 651-290-6453

David Savard 651-290-6330
Security Officer

Alphonso Smaller 651-290-6459

Nathaniel Vinson 651-290-6330
Security Officer

William Weiss 651-290-6330
Security Officer

Faculty Support

Jean Backes 651-290-6351
Administrative Coordinator, Clinic

Renate Behrendt 651-290-6467
Administrative Coordinator, Doctrinal Adjuncts & Compeition Coaches

Meg Daniel 651-290-6425
Administrative Coordinator

Lynette Fraction 651-290-6431
Administrative Coordinator

Sue McKenzie 651-290-6332
Administrative Coordinator, Appellate Advocacy & Trial Skills

Jennifer Miller 651-290-6314
Administrative Coordinator, Adv. Advocacy & Practicum

Paro Pope 651-290-6368
Administrative Coordinator, WRAP


Coleen Ciliske 651-290-6449
Assistant Controller

Debra Fox 651-290-6383
Accounting Assistant

Stacie Hilliker 651-290-6312
Student Accounts/Loan Coordinator

Deb Kessler 651-290-6415

Kathy Panciera 651-290-7522
Vice President

Jeannie Symicek 651-290-7529
Administrative Assistant

Financial Aid

Nick Anderson 651-290-6471
Assistant Director, Financial Aid

Patty Harris 651-290-6358
Director of Financial Aid

Human Resources

Andrea Bien 651-290-6322
Senior Human Resources Generalist

Krista Laakso 651-290-6447
Human Resources Assistant

Kate Law 651-290-6438
Interim Vice President, Human Resources, through Salo, LLC

Mel Richardson 651-290-6440
Benefits and Compliance Specialist

Information Desk

Margaret Murphy 651-290-6350

Information Technology

Andrew Allen 651-290-6463
Network Engineer

Doug Cran 651-290-6477
Applications Analyst/Programmer

Bob Fastner 651-290-6390
Computer and Network Support Specialist

Chad Johnson 651-290-6475
Director, Information Technology

Joe Ketzner 651-290-6448
Computer and Network Support Specialist

Matthew Utecht 651-290-6373
Media Specialist

Fue Yang 651-290-6451
Student Computer Support Representative

Institutional Advancement

Linda Berg 651-290-6321
Vice President, Institutional Advancement

Cathy Englin 651-290-6375
Administrative Coordinator

Barbara Hutson 651-290-6371
Advancement Services Manager

Maureen McGinn 651-290-6417
Donor Relations Specialist

Intellectual Property Institute

Susan Prohofsky Krelitz 651-290-7521
Assistant Director


Neal Axton 651-290-6374
Research and Instructional Librarian

Janelle K. Beitz 651-290-6455
Research and Instructional Librarian

Jean Boos 651-290-8655
Research and Instructional Librarian

Simon Canick 651-290-6301
Associate Dean of Information Resources & Assistant Professor of Law

Sean Felhofer 651-290-6302
Digital Initiative Librarian

Michelle Fleischhacker 651-290-6442
Government Documents Assistant

David Herding 651-290-6337
Instructional Designer

Sonya Huesman 651-290-6377
Research and Instructional Librarian

Maia LeClair 651-290-6333
Circulation Assistant

Julie Mielke 651-290-6382
Serials Assistant

Ayanna Muata 651-290-6429
Circulation Supervisor

Jeffrey Nylander 651-290-6333
Circulation Assistant

Jane Polson 651-290-6304
Acquisitions Assistant

Elizabeth Poulter 651-290-6303
Assistant Director, Collection Resources

Anne Tews 651-290-6333
Circulation Assistant

Karen Westwood 651-695-7618
Associate Director, Library Services

Marketing and Alumni Relations

Doug Belden 651-290-6360
Assistant Director

Terrence Bogie 651-290-6469
Website Producer/Designer

Louise Copeland 651-290-6439
Director of Marketing & Alumni Relations

Alison Morris 651-290-6452
Alumni Relations Officer

Karl Peters 651-290-6396
Creative Director

Multicultural and International Inclusion

Luiza Dreasher 651-290-6416
Assistant Dean and Director, Multicultural & International Inclusion

Sharon Van Leer 651-290-6352
Multicultural Affairs Specialist

Public Health Law Center

D. Douglas Blanke 651-290-7520
Robins Kaplan Miller & Ciresi Endowed Directorship, Program Director

Kerry Cork 651-290-7509
Staff Attorney

Brittney Crock Bauerly 651-695-7620
Staff Attorney

Jada Fehn 651-695-7651
Staff Attorney

Meghan Feliciano 651-695-7651
Staff Attorney

Stephanie Fortman 651-695-7633
Marketing Coordinator

Mike Freiberg 651-290-7517
Staff Attorney

Natasha Frost 651-290-6454
Staff Attorney

Desmond Jenson 651-695-7612
Staff Attorney

Jay Kelly 651-695-7631
Communication/Marketing Director

Scott Kelly 651-695-7611
Staff Attorney

Tammy Kempf 651-290-7506
Administrative Assistant

Jill Krueger 651-695-7624
Staff Attorney

Jon Lee 651-290-7511
Program Manager

Joelle Lester 651-695-7603
Staff Attorney

Donna Levin 651-695-7615
Director, Network for Public Health Law

Nasimah Mayat 651-290-6335
Staff Accountant

Mark Meaney 651-695-7642
Staff Attorney

Nicole Mejia 651-695-7615
Health Communications Specialist

Brooke Nunn 651-290-6468
Health Policy Educator

Maureen O′Brien 651-290-6339
Staff Attorney

Warren Ortland 651-290-7539
Staff Attorney

Sarah Paige
Administrative Assistant

Ann Phi-Wendt 651-695-7617
Marketing Communications Director

Jackie Rose 651-695-7636
Administrative Assistant

Ward Rubrecht 651-695-7616
Communications Coordinator

Mani Vannavong 651-695-7625
PHLC Coordinator

Susan Weisman 651-290-7516
Staff Attorney


Paula Merth 651-290-6376
Purchasing Manager


Jim Stevens 651-290-6328

Student Affairs and Student Life

Nancy Hinrichsen 651-290-6392
Administrative Coordinator

Anne Moelk 651-290-6397
Assistant Dean, Student Affairs and Student Life

Christine Szaj 651-290-6362
Vice President, Student Affairs and Dean of Students