Off-Campus Work Study

Budget cuts have made it difficult for public employers to hire the law clerk help they need. But federal law allows students to use work-study funds to cover a portion of their off-campus salary if they work for a public-sector employer, or an employer that serves a low-income and/or disenfranchised client base.

Hire a student who has been awarded work study funds, and you could be reimbursed for up to 75 percent of the student’s gross earnings. Using work-study funds could allow you to hire a clerk when you thought you did not have the budget, or hire more clerks than you thought you could. Here’s an example:

Sample Work-Study Calculation
Employer salary for law clerk $12
Reimbursement amount $9
Cost per hour to employer $3

The employer pays the student the full amount and then bills William Mitchell for 75 percent of the total on a monthly basis.

Take advantage of work-study funds

Step 1: Contact our Financial Aid Office and complete a work study employer agreement.

Step 2: Post your open position and specify in the job posting that applicants must be work study eligible.

Step 3: When you notify our Financial Aid Office of your hiring decision, we will respond with certification of your student employee’s work study eligibility and give you additional information about the work-study billing process.