Volume 5 – Issue 1



An Intellectual Property Law Review

Volume 5, Issue 1

Spring 2014

James A. Baker, Jay Erstling, Susan Prohofsky Krelitz and Kenneth L. Port  Foreword PDF 863KB
Susan Prohofsky Krelitz and Alex Sellke  Intellectual Asset Management at the Speed of Business PDF 1362KB
5 CYBARIS 1 2014
Robert Fichter and Nicholas Benham Foreign Filing Strategies for U.S.-Based Intellectual Assets PDF 1170KB
5 CYBARIS 24 2014
Gilbert Voortmans and Enrique W. Iturralde Aligning Existing Intellectual Assets with Business Objectives PDF 1139KB
5 CYBARIS 59 2014
Renée Marino and Andrew Marnach Portfolio Valuation PDF 1265KB
5 CYBARIS 74 2014
Marlo T. Miksche and Steven W. Roth A Balanced Approach to Patent Utilization PDF 1051KB
5 CYBARIS 99 2014
Harry J. Gwinnell and Katherine S. Boyle Ascending the Intellectual Property Management Pyramid PDF 1366KB
5 CYBARIS 118 2014
Nadja Baer European Trademark Protection Strategy Considerations For U.S. Small And Medium Sized Entities After IP TRANSLATOR and ONEL PDF 1167KB
5 CYBARIS 149 2014
Heather Hamel Valuing the Intangible: Mission Impossible? An Analysis of the Intellectual Property Valuation Process PDF 1126KB
5 CYBARIS 183 2014