Diversity Unites Us

WelcomeDiversity is vital to our success, because our differences make us unique and our similarities make us stronger.

Building a Welcoming and Respectful Community

Diversity is a core value at Mitchell

We believe that diversity, in all of its forms, benefits the classroom, the college, and the legal profession.  We seek to create a welcoming and respectful community where individuals can explore differences in a safe and positive environment, and where students not only learn from their professors but also from the diverse life experiences of their classmates.

You can be yourself here because we believe that individuals are more likely to succeed in an environment where they can safely bring all of their identities to school and to work.  The Office of Multicultural Affairs works with the administration, faculty, and staff to create an environment where students feel comfortable expressing their racial, ethnic, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, religiousm, and all other dimensions of their social and cultural identity.

Helping all students REACH their goals

At Mitchell, we are committed to helping all students “REACH” their goals. William Mitchell’s Office of Multicultural Affairs demonstrates the school’s commitment by:

Recruiting a diverse pool of students and building an inclusive community where differences are recognized, openly expressed and valued and where all individuals feel welcomed and respected

Engaging students, faculty, staff and the community in activities that promote an understanding of diversity and social justice and a commitment to eliminating individual and institutional barriers to access and equality

Acknowledging the uniqueness of all individuals and the need to move beyond mere tolerance and political correctness and move towards education, dialogue and genuine respect for all types of diversity

Connecting students with internal and external resources that nurture their academic, professional, personal, and cross-cultural development so they can meet the challenges of an increasingly diverse and complex world

Helping develop a pipeline of attorneys with diverse traits, talents and experiences and a common desire to transform into skilled and ethical legal professionals that are committed to making the law just