Life at Mitchell

Students of all backgrounds are very active in campus life at William Mitchell, and within the community surrounding the college. With so many organizations to choose from, students can be certain to find one that fits their interests.


Promoting diversity and cultural competence in the legal profession is critical to ensuring that we have attorneys that are able to effectively communicate with and represent clients from diverse backgrounds.

As part of our commitment to practical wisdom, Mitchell strives to ensure that its students not only graduate with the substantive skills to write legal briefs, litigate cases, negotiate transactions, draft contracts, and advocate for their clients, but  also have an understanding and appreciation of diversity and the impact that race, class, identity, and other cultural factors have on the law.

At Mitchell, students not only learn from professors but also from the diverse life experiences of their classmates and from the practical experience they gain from Mitchell’s broad selection of clinics.  Students are able to select from a variety of courses, clinics, and public service opportunities that not only provide them the opportunity to study the law, but also to practice it and learn to make it just.

Our Faculty

Mitchell’s full-time and adjunct faculty

  • represent diverse racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, social, and cultural backgrounds
  • seek opportunities to integrate issues of power, privilege, diversity, and social justice into their courses
  • teach electives and seminars addressing race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, disability, religion, sovereignty, civil rights, discrimination, and equity
  • advise educational, legal, business, and government entities on important matters that affect traditionally underserved communities
  • engage in professional and community organizations committed to promoting justice for all

Below are a few examples of the on and off-campus activities that make life at Mitchell exciting:

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