The Office of Multicultural and International Inclusion

Helping all Mitchell students reach their goals

By providing support, encouragement, advice, and learning opportunities to students, faculty, and staff, we are able to ensure that Mitchell is place where everyone understands the importance of diversity in the legal profession.

History of the office

Each year, along with multicultural student organizations, we sponsor diversity related activities, like: Black History Month events; Cesar Chavez Dinner; Shabbat and Passover Seder; and the Pride Festival.

Our staff

Room 115

8:30 am–6 pm


Fax: 651-290-6414

RS16412_Luiza DreasherDr. Luiza Dreasher

Assistant Dean and Director of Multicultural and International Inclusion

Dr. Dreasher has published many scholarly articles and working papers, with topics including: the increase in student-veterans on campus, the impact of demographic changes on colleges and universities, and cultural competence in academic advising. Her research interests include the graduation rate of African American males, building inclusivity in campus communities, understanding cultural differences, and the retention of underrepresented student populations.

Sharon Van LeerSharon Van Leer

Multicultural Affairs Specialist

Sharon has deep connections to many civic and community organizations throughout the region.



As a member of the American Bar Association’s Council on Legal Education Opportunity, Mitchell is committed to diversifying the legal profession and providing all individuals with access to a legal education.

At Mitchell, diversity is an integral part of our mission, vision, and values. Our Office of Multicultural Affairs works with the administration, departments, and the multicultural affairs student advisory board to ensure that the school fulfills its multiculturalism vision of creating a vibrant learning community where all individuals feel welcomed and respected.