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A Pipeline to the Profession

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William Mitchell understands that law schools have a very critical role to play in training future leaders, in creating an equitable and inclusive legal system and in challenging the various sectors of society to address issues of equity, diversity and social justice. Mitchell seeks to fulfill its responsibility by connecting with elementary, high school and college students, as well as with other members of the business, civic and legal community.

Since it was founded in 1900, Mitchell has worked to develop a pipeline of legal professionals. This work continues today through the Office of Multicultural Affairs, which sponsors programs designed to encourage high school and college students to consider attending law school.

Future in Learning Law (FILL) is a two-week program for high school students. It’s an intense two-week program during which students meet lawyers, judges, paralegals, and law students. They also participate in a variety of activities that expose them to the work of attorneys, including participating in a mock trial.
Future in Learning Law

The Legal Education Awareness Program (LEAP) is a program promoted by the four Minnesota law schools, and is intended to provide students of color with an insight into legal education and careers in the law. This half day session includes a mock law school class and a panel discussion with practicing attorneys and law students.

Summer Partnership in Law (SPIL) is a summer program designed for college students considering a career in law. Students are able to take courses on the American legal system, legal reasoning, and writing. The courses are offered in partnership with Metropolitan State University and held on William Mitchell’s campus.
Summer Partnership in Law

Many foreign lawyers are studying American law at Mitchell. They come  from countries such as Brazil, Korea, China, Uganda, Germany, and Turkey. With their backgrounds in other legal systems they add a valuable perspective to the classroom and student life. To help these students adjust to life in the United States, we host a conversation group where foreign students can fine tune their English and enjoy the company of others facing similar situations.
International Student Services and Processes
William Mitchell’s LL.M. program for foreign law graduates

Mitchell is a member of the American Bar Association’s Council on Legal Education Opportunity (CLEO), which is committed to diversifying the legal profession and to providing educational opportunities to minority, low-income, and disadvantaged groups who have the potential to succeed in law school, but have less than stellar traditional indicators for success.