Expert Witness Training Academy

Mock trial setting

The Expert Witness Training Academy (EWTA) provides innovative workshops and training materials to scientists on how best to communicate scientific information in legal proceedings and other adversarial forums.

Effective communication of scientific expertise is particularly important in adversarial settings. Scientists must understand how to communicate effectively in courtrooms, legislative hearings, and related proceedings in which understanding complex scientific principles is critical.

Through the EWTA, scientists learn and improve their skills to effectively communicate scientific principles in multiple forums. They will walk in the shoes of attorneys and expert witnesses through simulations and other hands-on exercises, and receive coaching and feedback from experienced, expert faculty.

The EWTA is funded in part by the Paleoclimate Program at the National Science Foundation. More than 100 climate scientists have participated in the program since it started in 2011. Participants have come from all across the United States (see a map) and from a combination of academic institutions, government agencies, public policy organizations, and businesses.

In addition to background on the program, recent news clips, and a list of EWTA faculty, this site also provides a variety of resources to EWTA Fellows, including all workshop materials, articles and useful links, and educational videos and examples. The resources are available here to all current and past participants of the EWTA workshops. A password is required to access the materials.

For more information on the EWTA or on how to access the resources for EWTA Fellows, please contact us. For a quick tour of the EWTA workshops, check out the short video below:

Video: the Expert Witness Training Academy


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