Beyond the law and into business: The Center for Law and Business

Susan and Louis Ainsworth

For decades, Louis Ainsworth ’77 was immersed in law and business, most recently as senior vice president and general counsel for Pentair, a large local industrial manufacturing company. His work went well beyond the law; he was involved in nearly every aspect of the company’s strategic transactions and significant operational issues.

He values his Mitchell education, which he credits with his success in law and business. Ainsworth is also one of a long list of graduates who leveraged their law school experience in the business world. He and his wife Susan now are helping ensure that others will have the opportunity to do the same. The Ainsworths recently provided critical seed funding to help launch the Center for Law and Business, an innovative new program at Mitchell, and to help the college invest in other strategic initiatives. The Center for Law and Business is helping students enhance their legal educations by taking business courses focused on everything from finance to entrepreneurship to marketing. Ainsworth is currently developing a mergers and acquisitions course for Mitchell, which he’ll teach with Professor Thuy Vo during the 2011-2012 school year.