Recognition and Thanks

Thank you to those who have made gifts to the If Not for Mitchell Campaign

3,896 donors showed their loyalty to William Mitchell College of Law during the “If Not for Mitchell” Campaign through their generous donations.

Among our donors is a special group of people who have made leadership gifts. Their leadership and support made the difference for the campaign and for Mitchell. Thank you.

President’s Circle


Louis L. ’77 and Susan H. Ainsworth

Stephen B. ’72 and Lisa S. Bonner

Rolf ’82 and Nancy Engh

Robert A. Hillstrom ’70

Hon. Helen M. Meyer ’83 and William F. Bieber, Bieber Family Foundation

Dr. Mark and Jennifer Murphy

Trustee’s Circle

Lawrence T. ’79 and Christine A. Bell

Prof. Roger S. and Elaine Haydock

Robins, Kaplan

Yinfei Wu ’13

Partner’s Circle

Jeffrey R. ’75 and Julie Anderson, Jeff and Julie Anderson Charitable Fund

Dr. James A. Baker ’03 and Lana M. Perkins

John H. Faricy ’82

Margaret H. and James E. Kelley Foundation

President and Dean Eric S. Janus and Carolyn Chalmers

Martin R. Lueck ’84 and Mallory K. Mullins

Kathleen Flynn Peterson ’81 and Steven R. Peterson

Stinson Leonard Street and Foundation

Builder’s Circle


3M Company

Dr. Rahul Aggarwal and Mrs. Anita Aggarwal

Bruce J. ’75 and Kaye L. Aho

Joseph M. Barbeau

Carolyn A. Bates ’76 and Dr. Vince Miller

William N. ’63 and Catherine Bernard

Thomas H. Berreman ’70*

Briggs and Morgan

Christine J. Chalstrom ’91, Shepherd Data Services

Richard R. ’76 and Diane M. Crowl

Mary Lou and John H. Dasburg,

Meredyth Anne Dasburg Foundation

Faegre Baker Daniels Foundation

Lisa A. Gray ’86

Mark A. ’79 and Mary Jo Hallberg

Prof. Douglas Heidenreich ’61

Steve R. Lewis Jr. and Judith Frost Lewis

Hon. Elizabeth Hoene Martin ’80 and David G. Martin

Ruth A. ’81 Mickelsen and William H. Manning

Daniel P. ’78 and Mary T. O’Keefe

Charlotte Vern Olson*, in memory of Edward John Olson ’27*

Walter C. ’71 and Bonnie M Parkins, Otto Winzen Memorial Advised Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation

William R. ’77 and Joyce E. Sieben

H. Robert* ’59 and Herta* Sinykin

Eric C. ’90 and Laurie L. Tostrud

Richard L. ’86 and Inez Tousignant

Patricia L. Walsh

Phyllis J. Welter ’79

Founder’s Circle

Luke* ’79 and Laura Baer

Linda Keillor Berg and David Berg

David E. ’79 and Jane Marcus Bland

Bush Foundation

David K. ’78 and Mary Cody

Jake ’73 and Angel Crandall

Charlton H. Dietz ’57

Fredrikson & Byron and Foundation

Donald A. Gorowsky ’90

Bruce H. Hanley Memorial Foundation

Hon. Sam ’65 and Mirja Hanson

John H. ’80 and Colleen Hooley

Kathleen A. ’08 and John Junek

Mrs. Muriel K. Kappler, The Harold F. and Muriel K. Kappler Foundation

Hon. Mary Louise Klas ’60 and Daniel A. Klas ‘60

Merchant & Gould

Joseph S. Micallef ’62 and Jane Y Micalleff, Cherbec Advancement Foundation and the Musser Fund

William and Mary E. Mitchell*

Alan E. “Pat” Mulligan ’65*

Jann L. ’74 and Renee C. Olsten

Oppenheimer Wolff & Donnelly

Otto Bremer Foundation

Dr. Anita M. Pampusch and Dr. Frank Indihar

William H. ’65 and Carol M. Queenan

Kathleen C. Ridder

Prof. Deborah A. Schmedemann and Craig Bower

Gregory J. ’81 and Louise Stenmoe

Jerrol M. and Alleen Tostrud

Hon. Edward Toussaint Jr.

Travelers Foundation

The Wasie Foundation

Donald F. ’62 and Luella Zibell

Christine D. Zonneveld ’89