Effective Practices

What it takes to be a Mitchell@Work Team Captain

You were chosen to be a team captain because you support Mitchell. You understand the importance of the Annual Fund and regular, sustained giving.  As a team captain, you need to share your enthusiasm for supporting the college with your colleagues. Inspire them to do the same things you do: support your law school. Below are a few ideas that will make that easy to do!

  1. When in Rome—You know your office’s culture much better than we do. Think about the approach that is most appropriate to your firm or company.
  2. Pass it on—You’ll receive an email every other week or so showing your firm/company’s progress in the challenge. Create a contact group and pass the emails along to the other Mitchell grads in your office. These emails will include a link to the page where your teammates can make a gift online. You will also get a monthly email about the current challenge leader Be sure to share it with everyone–either as recognition or motivation, depending on your current standings.  Feel free to personalize these emails before you pass them along.
  3. Check in—Periodically check in with your colleagues, either in person or by phone. You are busy. They are busy. Reminders can be helpful.
  4. Delegate—Some team captains like to recruit a co-captain and divide the work of encouraging colleagues to participate.

    Please let us know if you choose someone to work with on this so we can send them materials, keep them up to date on emails, and give them credit on our website and elsewhere.

  5. Say thanks—Every donor will receive a thank you note from Mitchell, but a thank you from you would also mean a lot. Send a note. Give them a call. Or  stop by their workspace for a visit. Do something that shows you recognize their participation. (Some firms prefer not to receive information about individual donors. You could include a general thank you in the update emails you pass along.)