Mitchell@Work Questions and Answers

What is Mitchell@Work?

Mitchell@Work is a competition between firms and companies in the Twin Cities employing 8 or more Mitchell grads. Each organization has a team captain or captains to help encourage their Mitchell colleagues to make gifts to Mitchell. The winner of the competition is the organization with the highest participation rate.

How does Mitchell@Work help my firm or company?

Participating in Mitchell @ Work helps your organization stand out to current students as a leader in supporting the college and as a welcoming place for Mitchell graduates. Participating organizations will be listed online. There will be a poster recognizing the winner on the wall of honor, and the winner will also be listed in the donor report, in Mitchell on Law, and in The Docket, which is where students get their news about the law school and the alumni who support it.

How does my participation help William Mitchell?

Your participation helps the college by adding valuable dollars to the Annual Fund (although gifts of any kind count).  This is a very competitive market for law schools, and alumni support is often a key differentiator between good law schools and great law schools.

Doesn’t tuition cover the needs of the college?

Most Mitchell students have financial need.  Almost 100 percent of our students take out loans to cover tuition, books, and cost-of- living expenses. Many also work part time or full time. The average debt of a graduating law student is $80,000. Every dollar given to the Annual Fund is a dollar that can take some of this burden off students so they can focus on what they came here to do: study the law.

Why should I support Mitchell when there are other organizations out there that need my support?

William Mitchell has been educating attorneys for over 110 years, and in that time, there have been many ups and downs in the economy.  What has remained constant is Mitchell’s focus on making a legal education accessible to people from all walks of life.  The college’s location has changed, the amenities have vastly improved, but Mitchell still appeals to people who want a practical legal education. The annual fund makes it possible for bright and committed students to take that risk every year. No matter what the economy holds, there will always be passionate people driven to the practice of law.

Do gifts I’ve made to other programs at Mitchell count?

Yes.  Any gift to the college during the fiscal year (July 1-June 30) counts toward your organization’s participation rate. Annual Fund gifts are the focus of the competition, but we appreciate any and all support we receive.

How much should I give?

The percentage of participation is the focus of Mitchell@Work, not the size of the gift (though we’d be lying if we said bigger wasn’t better).  Give what feels comfortable, and know that you have some choices. Did you know you can make an automatic monthly gift of as little as $5 per month?

Can I designate my gift to a specific program?

There are currently five designated programs that fall under the Annual Fund, in addition to the general Annual Fund, which gives Dean Eric Janus the most flexibility in allocating funds. You may designate your gift to student scholarships, the Reentry Clinic, Law Review, legal clinics, or the IP Institute.  Any gift you make to the college during this fiscal year will count toward the overall participation rate.

How do I make a gift?

If you receive a pledge card from us, you can mail it back to us with a check or your credit card information. You can also make a one-time or recurring gift online at wmitchell.edu/giving.

How do I help my firm win?

While clearly a fundraising competition, Mitchell@Work is also about community and pride. You can help your firm win by making a gift and by talking with your fellow Mitchell alumi colleagues and telling them you made that gift. Encourage your friends to participate in the competition. Razz your friends at competing firms, and promise not to be too mean when you win. Tweet about it. Share your organization’s progress on Facebook.

How can I enroll my organization in Mitchell @ Work?

Contact Allison Burke at allison.burke@wmitchell.edu or 651-695-7608.

What are the responsibilities of a Mitchell @ Work team captain?

See the Tookit for more information.