How experienced attorneys can help

The most basic way you can help is to make yourself available to students and recent graduates. Even half an hour spent talking to a student and providing a couple of leads of other people you know who can help is invaluable.  These minimal efforts are very often exactly the thing that can get a young lawyer’s career going.

There are plenty of opportunities to make a difference.  You can…

  • Bring a student or recent graduate to a bar related event
  • Come to school for an event and make yourself available
  • Let a student follow with you as you go about your day’s work
  • Provide those you meet with contact information for three other people who can help

First and foremost: Let us know you want to help

You can do so quickly and easily by clicking › SIGN UP NOW and filling out our short volunteer form.

Watch this short video introducing the Hachey Initiative

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Links for volunteers

Office of Career and Professional Development
Alumni Association Board of Directors
William Mitchell
More volunteer and service opportunities