Intellectual Property Institute

IP-InstituteThe Intellectual Property Institute at William Mitchell College of Law is engaged in the rigorous exploration of the balance between privately owned and publicly shared innovation to help ensure the best overall outcomes for our society.

The Power of Innovation

The pace of innovation is dramatically increasing throughout the world, making intellectual property law a vital component in protecting the creative process as well as the means by which innovation is used and distributed. By strengthening innovators’ rights, IP law can actually stimulate creativity, whether it’s developing computer software, producing literary works, writing music, generating processes or equipment for commercial use, or any of a wide variety of other applications. Intellectual property permeates everybody’s life on a daily basis.

As a result, we live in a world with constant struggle between determining what knowledge is privately owned and what is accessible to the public. IP law is the tool by which a balance can be established and maintained between the two, which is vitally important to society as a whole.

A New Voice for Education and Scholarship in Intellectual Property

The Intellectual Property Institute at William Mitchell College of Law is assuming a leadership role in fostering and protecting innovation through the education, research, and service initiatives making IP one of the top academic areas at the college.

William Mitchell is a leader in intellectual property education, with three full-time faculty, and adjuncts from the top intellectual property firms and companies in the Twin Cities.

With a nationally and internationally recognized faculty, the Institute advances the college’s IP program, featuring an extensive, broad-based curriculum focused on patent, trademark, and copyright law.  For students, the Institute bridges the gap between legal theory and practice, providing them valuable opportunities to develop practical skills in a variety of IP-related areas.