Student Intellectual Property Law Association

2014–15 Officers

President: Jaime Sekenski (fall 2015); Kate Janssen (spring 2016)

Vice President: Kate Janssen (fall 2015); Jaime Sekenski (spring 2016)

Career Coordinator: Karen Beckman

Treasurer: Trevor Haney

Technology Coordinator: Elizabeth Scheibel

Secretary: Lars Gunnerson

Most students at William Mitchell who are interested in intellectual property law are members of the Student Intellectual Property Law Association (SIPLA). Founded in 1983, SIPLA’s purpose is to provide students with a greater understanding of the opportunities available in the rapidly expanding areas of copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, and internet law.

One of the most active student organizations, SIPLA holds monthly meetings, organizes speakers, events, and informational workshops. The association provides students with opportunities to meet other intellectual property students, network with professionals, and gain a better understanding of intellectual property law. SIPLA also actively participates in IP curriculum discussions and connects students with career opportunities and professional IP organizations.

Recent News:

Dear IP Students:

This is advanced warning that we are about to significantly change our Intellectual Property Law offerings at the College.  It is intended to have a very favorable impact on each student.  After spending a year discussing this with all stake holders, I will be proposing the following changes:

  1. Trademark Litigation and Trademark Prosecution will be eliminated.  In their place, we will offer one 3 credit course each spring called Advanced Trademark Law.  This course will combine practice before the TTAB, litigation and cutting edge issues largely brought on by the Internet and computerized use of trademarks.
  2. Intellectual Property Transactions will be eliminated.  In its place will be a 6 credit IP Keystone course called Intellectual Asset Management.   This course will have the optional component of a Long Paper.  If students elect to take the course and write their Long Paper (or any 25 page paper) for this course, two additional credits (totaling eight) will be allotted.  The idea of this course will be to allow students to experience the full lifecycle of IP from conception, commodification, monetization, management (including buying, selling, or licensing) and, perhaps, extermination.   It is contemplated that students in their last semester with the College would be most appropriate for this class.  Prerequisites will be one of the following and IP Licensing:  Foundations, Trademarks, Copyrights or Patents.  Any student who may want to take this course in the spring of 2013 will have to take Licensing in the fall of 2012 (or have had taken it previously).  The course will be project based.  Each student will be assigned a fictitious corporation, its goals, its IP portfolio, etc. and expected to appropriately manage it in a wealth maximizing, ethical manner.

These changes have to be approved by the Curriculum Committee and the full Faculty.  I anticipate that happening this spring for implementation next year. 

Kenneth L. Port

Professor of Law and Director, Intellectual Property Institute

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Upcoming Events

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SIPLA Speaker Series

Annual SIPLA Events

SIPLA organizes a number of events throughout the year for its members as well as for other William Mitchell students and the community. Below is a sampling of SIPLA events.

  • Annual “Meet the IP Employers and Professors” event
  • Speakers and roundtable-style discussions focusing on different aspects of IP law
  • Law firm tours at local firms with IP departments
  • Attend MIPLA-sponsored events and functions
  • Monthly SIPLA meetings