The Mitchell Study on Trademark Litigation

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The Mitchell Study on Trademark Litigation is a longitudinal study of all reported trademark cases in the United States since July 5, 1947, the effective date of the Lanham Act.  This study presents all reported trademark cases that reached a decision terminating the law suit. It consists of a database of all 2,700+ cases and graphs and charts showing the results of this study.  Average damages awards by year and by circuit, total cases infringed and not infringed, total number of cases where an injunction is demanded and granted or not, average amount of attorneys fees granted by year, etc. are all included in this study.  Also, the Study reports these results by Circuit.  Graphs Q-U report some startling results one might consider when choosing a forum in which to sue.  Enter the Mitchell Study on Trademark Litigation below to search all 2,700+ cases.  You may search by case name, court, basis of the law suit, damages or attorney fees or any combination of these.

Graphs A – I are real-time using the latest data. Graphs J – U are using Static Data current thru 2007

Searchable case database

Here you may search all the cases, view cases with specific criteria filtered, and link to cases on Lexis-Nexis.

The Mitchell Study on Trademark Litigation Database

  • Current data
  • Each graph is a 2-page PDF document with the illustrative graph on the first page and the supporting data on the second.

    Charts of yearly totals

    These interactive charts allow you to view the yearly totals over time. Each loads with the final year selected. From there you may slide to any year back to 1947.



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