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William Mitchell has a strong presence in the international community. From our international programs for students to the global work of our alumni and faculty, we understand the value in providing students with an international perspective.

Our students study abroad. Our alumni work throughout the world. And our faculty are internationally renowned for their legal expertise, scholarship, teaching, and public service.

Ottawa, Canada
Prague, Czech Republic
Muscat, Oman
Galway, Ireland
Santiago, Chile
Haifa, Israel
Surabaya, Indonesia
Prato, Italy
Izmir, Turkey
Toronto, Canada
Netanya, Israel
London, England
Saint Paul, Minn.
Baku, Azerbaijan
Beijing, China
Tokyo, Japan


Improving lives in one of the world’s poorest countries

In Bolivia, one of the poorest countries in South America, the health and educational systems are plagued by a lack of decent infrastructure. Professor Christine D. Ver Ploeg is working to change that. She’s a board member with Mano A Mano, a volunteer organization that collects and delivers medical equipment and educational supplies to people living in rural Bolivia.
Mano a Mano Bolivia


Studying the law in a one of the world’s leading cities

Each year, Mitchell students immerse themselves in issues of critical global importance and study the law in one of the world’s leading centers of business, trade, government, and research. From counterterrorism to international alternative dispute resolution, Mitchell in London, gives students the opportunity to study comparative law with international scholars and top practitioners.
Mitchell in London


Introducing law school students from around the world to the U.S. legal system

The LL.M. program at William Mitchell College of Law introduces foreign law graduates to the legal system of the United States and provides the opportunity to learn and apply advanced legal concepts in specialized areas of law, such as intellectual property, international and comparative law, business and corporate law, and others.
Mitchell LL.M. program for foreign law graduates


Building better legal systems

President and Dean Eric Janus frequently travels to Turkey to work with lawyers, judges, and peace officers to modernize the country’s legal system. He also created the Summer Institute on American Law, which brings Turkish law students to Mitchell each summer.
Summer Institute on American Law


Fulbright Scholar at the Academy of Public Administration in Baku, Azerbaijan

Professor Anthony S. Winer was awarded a prestigious Fulbright Scholar grant to lecture at the Academy of Public Administration in Baku, Azerbaijan.
Professor Anthony Winer teaches in Azerbaijan as Fulbright Scholar


Professort Port joins trade delegation

Professor Ken Port was selected by Minnesota’s governor to travel on a trade delegation to Japan and China.
Professor Ken Port joins Governor’s trade delegation to China, Japan

Professors’ work

Professor Thuy-Nga T. Vo taught a course on Comparative Corporate Governance to U.S. and British students in London, England.
Professor Roger Haydock taught classes at BPP in London, England.

Professor Ann Juergens taught Lawyers’ Ethics and Human Rights Practice to students from nine law schools at the 2010 Summer Program on International and Comparative Human Rights Law in Galway, Ireland.

Professor Christina L. Kunz taught a class on Comparative Internet Law to American law students at the Heidelberg Center in Santiago, Chile.

Professor Anthony Winer taught three-month long International Law courses at Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Professor Christine Ver Ploeg taught; and Professor Mark A. Edwards taught Comparative Property Rights at the Charles University Faculty of Law and researched property rights restitution in the wake of German occupation from 1938 to 1945 and communist rule from 1948-1989 in Prague, Czech Republic.

Professor Daniel Kleinberger testified in the Canadian tax court as an expert on Delaware law in Ottawa, Ontario.

President and Dean Eric S. Janus in Eskisehir, Turkey—Anadolu University Faculty of Law:  lecture on US Constitutional Law; meetings with faculty regarding LLM and collaboration

President and Dean Eric S. Janus lectured on search and seizure at an Izmir Bar Association event in Izmir, Turkey.

President and Dean Eric S. Janus presented “Managing High-Risk Offenders: Policy and Practice” at a workshop in Prato, Italy,  sponsored by Monash University, Faculty of Law, Victoria, Australia.

Professor Daniel Kleinberger participated in the 21st Century Commercial Law Forum’s Tenth International Symposium at Tsinghua University, and taught several classes at Peking University Law School in Beijing, China.

Professor Christine Ver Ploeg founded and works with Mano A Mano International Partners, which promotes health, education, and social development in Bolivia.

Professor Anthony Winer delivered lectures to law professors and law students at Muscat, Oman.

Professor A. Kimberley Dayton taught Comparative Perspectives on Law and Aging through the University of Kansas Law School’s Instanbul Program; President and Dean Eric S. Janus lectured on United States Constitutional Law at Bahçesehir University in Instanbul, Turkey.

Professor A. Kimberley Dayton presented at the Canadian Conference on Elder Law in Toronto, Ontario.

Professor A. Kimberley Dayton received a Borchard Foundation grant to collaborate with Israel Doron, Haifa University, in Haifa, Israel, on a research project examining the role of municipal governments in protecting and advancing the rights of older persons.

President and Dean Eric S. Janus met with leaders and faculty members at Airlangga University in Surabaya, Indonesia, to discuss partnerships and the future of legal education.

President and Dean Eric S. Janus met with Supreme Court Justice Andrew Ang in Singapore.

Professor Marcia Gelpe resides in Israel for a portion of the year and taught Israeli Administrative Law and Environmental Law, as well as American Constitutional Law, to Israeli law students from 1991 to 2007. Gelpe also founded the Center for Environmental Law at Netanya Academic College in 1997 and was director of the center until 2007.

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