LL.M. Program Overview

The LL.M. program at William Mitchell College of Law introduces foreign law graduates to the legal system of the United States and provides the opportunity to learn and apply advanced legal concepts in specialized areas of law such as intellectual property, international and comparative law, business and corporate law, and other areas.

Program Specifics:

Customized Curriculum.  The LL.M. program at William Mitchell is designed as a “self-directed” curriculum.  LLM students at William Mitchell can choose their own certification or focus, such as intellectual property, dispute resolution, business law, teaching American law, etc.  LL.M. students can also take a general degree in American law. 

Faculty Advisor.  Each student is assigned a faculty advisor who assists them in putting together the right combination of courses to meet their particular objectives.  LL.M. students will meet with their faculty advisor throughout the year.  The faculty advisor will also assist LL.M. students in writing their Master’s Paper and supervise their research.

Courses.  Before beginning the regular fall semester, LL.M. students take an intensive introductory course that will help them prepare for the regular school year and also help them begin the process of picking a research topic for the Master’s Paper.  Once the regular school year begins, LL.M. students will have the opportunity to choose from William Mitchell’s full list of courses, including highly interactive skills courses and internships. 

Benefits of an LL.M. Degree from William Mitchell.

  • Learn American substantive law and receive an in depth understanding of America’s legal system and the practice of law in the United States.  
  • Deal more effectively with American trained lawyers on international transactions or disputes that involve American law and legal institutions.
  • Provide more effective representation to clients with interests in the United States and American clients with interests in your home country.
  • Take advantage of William Mitchell’s broad network of practicing lawyers for practical training and in-the-field placement.
  • For law faculty, learn about the American legal system and receive important grounding in the case law method and legal reasoning process which characterizes the common law tradition.  Increasingly, an LL.M. degree from an American law school is recognized as an important professional credential in many educational institutions.
  • Customize your own LL.M. degree with either a specialized focus or a general degree.  You will have the flexibility to create your own program and put together course and seminar schedules that reflect certain a practice specialty or academic focus that is of particular interest to you.