Institute Alumni

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Summer Institute Alumni

Over one hundred foreign lawyers, law students and other graduate students have attended the Summer Institute.

“I am really glad that I chose this program. I had a chance to improve my English with American law students. Besides I learned a lot about American Law System which will help me during my law career.”

—Gurkan Deniz, Bahçesehir University Faculty of Law

“The American education system is more interactive and their teaching methods are more useful. It is not about memorization. My English has improved a lot especially in the negotiation skills classes. The other benefit is the location of the course. We take classes on the campus and we are able to meet and work with American law students. I really recommend this program to students and lawyers who want to improve their legal English with a lots of good memories and friendships.”

—Sezi Demirçark, Masters of Law, Galatasaray University