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Law ReviewThe William Mitchell Law Review is a student-edited journal. Founded in 1974, the Law Review publishes timely articles of regional, national and international interest for legal practitioners, scholars, and lawmakers. Judges throughout the United States regularly cite the Law Review in their opinions. Academic journals, textbooks, and treatises frequently cite the Law Review as well. It can be found in nearly all U.S. law school libraries and online.

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Volume 41

Issue 1:
LGBTQ Issues
Student Case Notes: Recent Minnesota Supreme Court Decisions
Issue 2: Environmental Justice and Tribal Environmental Regulation
Issue 3:
Sex Offender Civil Commitment
Mental Health
Evidence, Social Psychology, and Health Care
Issue 4:
A Farewell and a New Chapter
Workers’ Compensation Law
Student Notes
Sua Sponte: Online Companion to the William Mitchell Law Review


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