Law Raza Journal

The William Mitchell Law Raza Journal is a student initiative inspired by the presence of over 50 million Latinos in the United States, the appointment of the first Latina to the Supreme Court, and numerous debates including homeland security and immigration reform.

The Latino community is quickly becoming the largest minority group in our country, lending additional emphasis to issues of race and the law.  For the first time in American history, the President and Attorney General are people of color. So we, the editorial board of Law Raza Journal, are launching the first online, interactive scholarly publication and conversation on the issues of race and the law. Legal issues of special interest to Latinos are our focus, but the journal is not exclusively dedicated to this experience.

The journal is timely in that the Supreme Court of the United States blog launched special programming on Race and the Supreme Court the month Law Raza was launched (February 2010). Our online forum will give readers a place to contribute and engage, and we envision Law Raza Journal as the cutting edge digital publication for increasing awareness of issues of special interest to the Latino community and, more generally, the role of race in law and society.

Our mission is to explore these vital issues in an exciting new forum and to engage a global audience.