Volume 2

Volume 2 – Spring 2011


Greta E. Hanson
Siobhan Tolar

Faculty Advisor

J. David Prince

Executive Editors

Natalia Darancou
Craig Green
Yahaira Pinzon
Bhupesh Pattni
Robert Trousdale

Issue 1

National Security or Xenophobia: The Impact of the Foreign Investment and National Security Act (“FINSA”) in Foreign Investment in the U.S.

by Maira Goes de Moraes Gavioli

Entre Muchas Islas: An Afro-Latina Legal Critic in the Paradoxical Age of Obama

by Nisé Guzmán Nekheba

Issue 2

Beyond Xenophobia: The Role of Race and Gender Expectations Behind the LPGA’s English Language Policy

by LaJuana Davis

The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander: A Book Review

by Gigi Penn