The Legal Practice Center

rwlpcThe Rosalie Wahl Legal Practice Center is home to our top-ranked clinical program, skills courses, externship program, and public service initiatives. It’s a working law office. It’s where students work directly with faculty to develop lawyering skills. And it’s a valuable resource for people in need of pro bono legal services.

It is the heart of William Mitchell’s practical legal education.


Our students practice law in one of the country’s top-ranked clinical programs


Rosalie Wahl

The Rosalie Wahl Legal Practice Center is named in honor of one of our most distinguished alumni, the first woman to serve on the Minnesota Supreme Court, and a co-founder of our clinical program.

History of the Legal Practice Center

Under the supervision of professors, students work in 13 clinics with clients who are mothers, fathers, immigrants, leaders of non-profit organizations, and small businesses. Some clients are elderly. Some are unemployed. Some are accused of crimes. Some want to make the world a better place.

All are real people with real legal problems. Our students gain valuable real-world experience and make a difference in our community by performing legal work for their clients.

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Skills Courses

Good lawyers know the law, great lawyers have the skills to put it to work

We were pioneers in developing a practical legal education, where learning to practice law isn’t all about lectures and casebooks—it’s also about doing the work of the lawyer in your classes.


The Legal Practice Center operates as a law firm within the law school. Students work closely with two full-time professors who are co-directors of the clinical program, full-time administrative staff, and other full-time professors and adjunct faculty members.

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We know that studying the law means developing both an understanding of legal theory and practicing the skills lawyers use in the real world—writing, interviewing, researching, negotiating, and standing up in a courtroom arguing before mock judges and juries.


Students making a difference where it matters to them

Our externship program allows students to gain skills and make a positive difference in areas of the law in which they have a particular interest.

From supporting the rule of law to ensuring that the accused have access to a vigorous defense to assisting military veterans, students have an array of meaningful opportunities to earn academic credit, work directly with practicing attorneys in the field, and gain valuable experience.

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Public Service

It’s not a requirement—it’s part of our culture

Each year, William Mitchell students choose to serve their communities and gain valuable, real-world experience by performing meaningful public service.

Students in their first year often volunteer with the Minnesota Justice Foundation, where they conduct legal research, assist practicing attorneys on public interest and legal aid cases, and staff legal clinics. Upper-level students work with under-served clients in clinics and externships. Other students volunteer to teach constitutional literacy in high schools through the Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project.

Many earn academic credit. Some find permanent jobs after graduation. All build skills and make a positive difference.