Fall Externship Update Aug. 28, 2013

Mitchell 2Ls, 3Ls & 4Ls:

This is a final call for applications for open placements for the fall semester.  Students interested in these externships are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Placements for Government Agency Externship Course: (Students who accept these positions will need to register for the fall Gov’t Agency Externship Course #4356)

MN Dept. of Human Services- Appeals & Regulations placement – Symplicity Posting #6468

Federal Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Counsel’s Office – Symplicity Posting # 6162

Department of Human Rights – Symplicity Posting # 6519

MN Dept. of Transportation – Symplicity Posting #6171

Independent Externship Placements:

Merchant & Gould (IP) –  Symplicity Posting #6595

Katun Corp. (IP) – Symplicity Posting #6391

MN Center for Environmental Advocacy – Symplicity Posting #6188

St. Paul City Attorney’s Office (Civil) – Symplicity Posting #6191

St. Paul City Attorney’s Office (Housing) – Symplicity Posting #6005

Hennepin County Administration (Title Examiner & Tax Services – Symplicity Posting #6544

Wilson Law Group (Immigration) – Symplicity Posting # 6349

Shepherd Data (E-Discovery, Litigation Management) – Symplicity Posting #5836

Colich & Associates (Criminal Prosecution) – Symplicity Posting #6282

Students can find pre-approved, open externship positions by searching on Symplicity: Job openings/search by job title/legal extern.

Questions:  Contact Melissa Wright, melissa.wright@wmitchell.edu, 290-6369, Room 159               Post:  8/28/13