Child Protection Clinic

Nancy Ver Steegh

Justice Helen M. Meyer
Professor of Child Protection Law

Joanna Woolman

Resident Adjunct Professor

Room 254

875 Summit Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55105

Child Protection Clinic Course Description

Strengthening families, strengthening communities

Students represent parents whose children have been removed from the home. The students meet their clients at the initial hearing and continue to represent their clients throughout the case, including a trial if necessary. The cases in this clinic come from Ramsey County.

During its inaugural year

8 certified student attorneys worked with the Child Protection Clinic to assist 12 families in Ramsey County.  Together, the students at the Child Protection Clinic put in more than 700 hours of pro bono legal work.

Plans for the Future

In its second year, the Child Protection Clinic will expand its parent representation to Hennepin County.  Students will work with a parent attorney at the Hennepin County Public Defender’s office to assist parents with their cases.  This experience will broaden the clinic’s impact and the students’ experience by expanding their connections to new judges, stakeholders, and mentors.

The clinic also plans to pilot a Parent to Parent Program where parents who have been through the system will act as mentors for current clients.


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