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Finding Materials

To find materials at Mitchell, begin by searching the library catalog.
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To search beyond Mitchell, use Worldcat, which is the largest combined library catalog in existence and combines holdings information from most large libraries around the world.
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Once you locate an item on Worldcat that Mitchell doesn’t own, you can request it by using an Interlibrary Loan form, there’s one for articles and one for books.
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Legal Research Resources

Collected by the library.

Legal Journals/Law Reviews

HeinOnline law review articles

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JSTOR social science/business articles
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Our other subscription databases (AcademicOne File, Legaltrac, Academic Search Premier, Business Source Premier)

Research Guides

Law Reviews and Journals Staff Lib Guide


Interactive Citation Workstation


Will help you learn the citation rules. You will also become familiar with The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (19th ed.) (Bluebook) as a reference guide for finding citation rules.
» Interactive Citation Workstation

Legal Citation Guide

Cornell Law’s LII / Legal Information Institute

This primer will help you understand and apply the arcane formats used to properly cite legal authorities.
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Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation

(Legal Reference)

This is the home page for The Bluebook, but don’t look for complete guides to citation here. Selected areas are offered, but the rest of the site serves as a promotion to purchase the book. The site does provide an easy route for reporting errors or recommending changes.
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William Mitchell Reference Librarians

This research guide will provide you with resources to help you learn how to accurately cite sources in written work, with an emphasis on the Bluebook.
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