Request for Books

Textbooks/Complimentary copies

The library staff is happy to order complimentary copies of books you would like to review for course adoption.  Please fill out the form and submit.  If we have any questions or difficulties getting the books, we will contact you. Shipment will be directly to you and it normally takes about 2 weeks to arrive. Let us know if you don’t receive your requested material in the appropriate time and we will follow up with the vendor.

Suggestions for library purchases

We encourage faculty members to recommend specific additions to the library collection (books, journals, videotapes, and electronic resources). We would also be happy to research possible resources for your scholarship or course development.  You may either use the form below or contact, Anne Poulter, 651-290-6303.

Discretionary account purchases

We can also facilitate ordering books for your personal office collection.  If you believe you will want a book exclusively for your use – one that you can keep forever (annotate, highlight) – we will purchase the book for you and charge it to your faculty discretionary account.  You can use the Purchase Recommendation Form below and note that you would like a personal copy.

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Complimentary Copy Request Form

Purchase Recommendation Form