Research and Scholarship

Research Support

Reference librarians are available to provide multiple levels of support for faculty research.  We are available to help consult with faculty and/or their RA’s to develop research plans for their projects.  We help select resources to use, develop search strategies and terms, and identify or create tools for tracking results.  We can also provide research training sessions for new faculty RA’s and work with them on an ongoing basis to review research progress and results.  You may send your request for assistance to Karen Westwood, or contact any of the reference librarians for research support.

Current Awareness

Reference librarians can help you set up current awareness services to keep you up to date on new developments in your areas of interest.  These services may include RSS feeds, WestClips, Lexis Alerts and SmartCILP alerts.  Contact Sonya Huesman for more information.

Faculty Scholarship

Reference librarians assist William Mitchell faculty in promoting their scholarship by including faculty publications in the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) and our institutional repository (Mitchell Open Access). For information about William Mitchell’s ExpressO account, including how to use it to submit your articles to multiple law journals at once, please contact Jean Boos. Additionally, if a student has written an outstanding paper for your class, please consider nominating the paper to the library for inclusion in Mitchell Open Access and/or submission to other law journals via William Mitchell’s ExpressO account

For additional information, contact  Jean Boos.