The Mitchell Fellows Program

Mitchell Fellows Director

Professor Raleigh Hannah Levine

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An Honor and a Select Opportunity

Affect the Law and Enhance Your Career

If you want to affect the law as well as understand it, and to serve as a leader in law school, the legal community, and the world at large, the Fellows Program at William Mitchell can give you the necessary edge. Designed for our most exceptional students, this program links you with a faculty mentor whose efforts and practical wisdom are changing the law itself, and guarantees you a research assistantship, with your mentor professor or another member of our faculty, after your first year of law school. Our professors serve the law as critical observers and active participants, and they bring Mitchell Fellows into the core of that work.  The program also links you with student and alumni mentors who can give you practical tips about law school and your legal career.

A Mitchell Fellowship Enriches Your Education

The Fellows Program — always a resource, never an obligation — enhances your William Mitchell experience in numerous ways. First, we give you mentors for each step of your law school career and beyond.  You’ll be matched with a professor-mentor who is doing leading-edge research in an area that corresponds to your particular interests. If you are interested in becoming a faculty research assistant — a fantastic experience and great resume-booster! — for academic credit (or for financial compensation if you’re work-study eligible and prefer pay to credit), your mentoring professor, or another professor, may employ you to assist with scholarly research and writing.  We guarantee all of our Fellows an opportunity to serve as a research assistant!  You’ll also be matched with a student mentor from among the continuing Fellows, and will have the chance to meet with recent Mitchell alumni who can give you great advice about law school and the transition from law school to a legal career.  Second, you’ll have the opportunity, several times each semester, to meet in small groups with the other William Mitchell Fellows and a faculty member who will engage you in a discussion of his or her scholarly research or pro bono litigation.  These Faculty-Fellows sessions are designed especially for the Fellows, who are chosen for the program based on their potential or demonstrated academic and leadership potential.

Planned with Care and Forethought

The Fellows Program was designed to complement the distinctive, unfolding nature of your William Mitchell legal education. Each year of the program is different, with a mixture of optional components intended to stimulate and connect you, but not overload you. The program also gives Fellows the latitude to seek employment outside William Mitchell, for professional development and career-building purposes.

Who Qualifies for the Fellows Program?

When you apply to William Mitchell, the Admissions Committee reviews your application for the unique combination of traits and accomplishments that distinguish Fellows. There is no single factor that guarantees you will be asked to participate in this small, highly selective program. We look at academic performance, extracurricular activities, work history, and whether your background indicates a strong potential for abstract reasoning, intellectual curiosity, a solid work ethic, and leadership ability. Final decisions are made by the faculty director of the program in tandem with a committee of faculty members and the assistant dean and director of admissions.