Prof. John Radsan to address U.S. Central Command in Qatar

William Mitchell College of Law Professor Afsheen John Radsan has been invited to speak in Qatar at the annual conference of legal advisers to the United States Central Command.

Radsan is director of Mitchell’s National Security Forum and a former attorney with the CIA and U.S. Department of Justice. His presentation to at the conference will focus on legal issues related to the use of armed drones.

U.S. Central Command, part of the Department of Defense, is responsible for promoting cooperation among nations, responding to crises, deterring or defeating state and nonstate aggression, and, when necessary, establishing conditions for regional security, stability, and prosperity in the region of the world that includes Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq.

Since founding the National Security Forum in 2005 as a national resource for discussion and research on the balance between individual liberty and public safety, Radsan has helped shape national and international policy.

He frequently meets with representatives from the FBI, the media, and members of the judiciary to inform them of legal ramifications of national security policies, practices, and laws. He has also authored dozens of law review articles and commentary pieces on topics ranging from targeted killing to the CIA under the Obama Administration.

“The invitation to address the U.S. Central Command is an endorsement of the quality of Professor Radsan’s work,” said Eric Janus, Mitchell’s president and dean. “His research, scholarship, and public service have sparked new insights and contributed to better informed, more thoughtful decision-making.”

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