About A. John Radsan

“We are one of the select places in America that has been examining these vital issues both in depth and in breadth.”

Afsheen John Radsan

Founder and Director
National Security Forum

Associate Professor
William Mitchell College of Law

J.D. Harvard Law School

A leading authority on national security issues, Afsheen John Radsan has a unique combination of professional experience in both law enforcement and intelligence activities. His research and writing pursue an appropriate balance between individual liberty and public safety.

He has served as a federal prosecutor and as assistant general counsel at the CIA, in addition to his work as a corporate lawyer and consultant. Professor Radsan has also advised officials from other countries, including Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, and Ukraine.

Capitalizing on his expertise, interest, and wide range of contacts, he founded the National Security Forum with several goals in mind: to host events on the theme of safeguarding this country and its liberties; to bring an ongoing discussion of this subject to the Midwest; and to increase public awareness, influence policy, and facilitate scholarship.

Professor Radsan has been quoted as an expert on counter-terrorism and international affairs by

The New York Times
The Washington Post
The New Yorker
Financial Times
National Public Radio
Australian Public Television
as well as regional media.

Professor Radsan’s Mitchell biography

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