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MPRNews / December 28, 2011
Fine print in military spending bill upsets civil liberties advocates

PBS – Frontline / September 6, 2011
Top Secret America

Daily Beast / September 4, 2011
The Terrible Missed Chance by Philip Shenon

PRI’s The World / September 1, 2011
How the CIA Rendition Program was Carried Out

Daily Beast / July 28, 2011
Arrest Warrant Sought for CIA Lawyer by Tara McElvey

USA Today / May 11, 2011
Bin Laden Raid Renews Debate on Interrogations by Oren Dorrell

BBC Newsnight / May 5, 2011
Osama Bin Laden: Was His Killing by US Forces Legal?

Southern California Public Radio Midmorning with Patt Morrison / May 4, 2011
Bin Laden’s Death Revives Torture Debate

BBC Radio 5 Live Lucy Grey / May 4, 2011
Publishing the bin Laden photos

USA Today / May 4, 2011
Obama Will Not Release Photo of bin Laden by David Jackson

Detroit Free Press / May 4, 2011
Releasing bin Laden Body Photos is a Tough Call by David Ashenfelter and Tressa Baldas

KARE 11 / May 3, 2011
Minnesotans Divided over Release of bin Laden Photos by Trisha Volpe

The Blog of LegalTimes / May 2, 2011
What Was the Legal Basis for the bin Laden Strike? by David Ingram

MPR Midmorning with Kerri Miller / May 2, 2011
After bin Laden

The Star Tribune / April 21, 2011
Gitmo Detainees Get a Twin Cities Defense by Kevin Diaz

The Star Tribune / April 8, 2011
Obama Makes the Right Call on Yemen


PRI’s The World / November 18, 2010
Terrorists on Trial  with Katy Clark

Legal Theory Blog / October 1, 2010
Radsan on Bush & Obama’s Terrorism Policy’s and Jackson’s Steel Seizure Opinion by Lawerence B. Solum

U.S. News and World Report Online / September 7, 2010
Can the CIA Put a U.S. born al Qaeda Figure on its “Kill List”? by Alex Kingsley

MPR News Q Online / September 2, 2010
Whistle Blower in Petters Case to Learn Sentence Today by Martin Moylan

McClatchy Washington Bureau / August 27, 2010
Why Are So Many Americans Hostile to Islam? by Margaret Talev

MPR – Morning Edition with Phil Picardi / August 9, 2010
National Security Expert Analyzes Terrorism Indictments

Bloomberg’s Business Week / August 5, 2010
America’s Most Exclusive Club

Politico / July 28, 2010
Intel Experts: Leak Might Be Lethal by Josh Gerstein

NPR – Weekend Edition with Scott Simon / July 17, 2010
Armed Drones

NPR / June 3, 2010
U.S. Drone Strategy in Pakistan Under Scrutiny

The Wall Street Journal / May 17, 2010
Pentagon to Tape Interrogations by Peter Spiegel and Siobhan Gorman

The New York Times / May 13, 2010
U.S. Approval of Killing Cleric Causes Unease by Scott Shane

The Globe and Mail / May 3, 2010
Canadian Emerges as Voice for Detainees

WCCO Michelle Tafoya Show / April 14, 2010
Eric Holder’s testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee: Military Commission, Guantanamo, capturing Bin Laden / February 2, 2010
Hill, Critics Eye CIA Moonlighting by Kasie Hunt and Josh Gerstein / January 14, 2010
Attack on CIA by Sharon Schmickle

National Journal / January 9, 2010
Are Drone Strikes Murder? by Shane Harris

Minnesota Public Radio Midday with Gary Eichten / January 7, 2010
Former CIA Counsel Explains Intelligence-gathering

2009 / December 3, 2009
Strategic Snake Pit:  Experts Worried about Obama’s Afghan Plan by Sharon Schmickle

Der Spiegel  / November 30, 2009
Welt Streit ums Tten Vlkerrechtler suchen nach neuen Grenzen frs Tten im Anti-Terror Kreig

PRI The World / November 4, 2009
CIA Agents Guilty of Italy Kidnap

The American Lawyer / October 2009
The Company’s Lawyers by Seth Hettena

The Detroit News / September 16, 2009
CIA Director Leon Panetta speaks at Dearborn by Paul Egan

NPR / August 27, 2009
CIA Report Leaves Much to the Imagination by Dina Temple-Raston

MPR / August 27, 2009
Patriotism May Have Drawn Minnesotans to Somalia by Laura Yuen

PRI The World / August 25, 2009

The Wall Street Journal / August 24, 2009
CIA Faulted for Conduct at Prisons by Siobhan Gorman

The Washington Post / August 23, 2009
CIA Officer Disciplined for Alleged Gun Use in Interrogation by Joby Warrick and R. Jeffrey Smith

Politico / August 18, 2009
Security Issues to Steal Health Spotlight by Josh Gerstein

The Wall Street Journal / July 20, 2009
US Weighs Special Teams of Terrorism Interrogators by Siobhan Gorman

Minnesota Public Radio Midmorning with Kerri Miller / July 16, 2009
The Tricky Relationship between Congress and the CIA

Minnesota Public Radio Morning Edition / July 16, 2009
Terrorism Law Predates 9/11

The New York Times / July 3, 2009
Inquiry on Interrogation Tapes by Mark Mazzetti

The Los Angeles Times / June 29, 2009
John Rizzo: The Most Influential Career Lawyer in CIA History by Greg Miller

The New Yorker / June 22, 2009
The Secret History by Jane Mayer

Corporate Counsel Magazine / May 29, 2009
New CIA General Counsel Would Inherit Thorny Issues by Jenna Greene

McClatchy Papers / May 23, 2009
Graham Helping Obama on Detainees by James Rosen

Politics in Minnesota / May 1, 2009
Retired Empolyees’ Cash On the Line by Dan Feidt

Los Angeles Times / April 23, 2009
Interrogation Tactics Got the OK Early On by Greg Miller and Julian E. Barnes

Minnesota Public Radio Midday / April 21, 2009
Did CIA Memos Promote Immoral Interrogation Techniques?

The New York Times / April 7, 2009
More Drone Attacks in Pakistan Planned by Eric Schmitt and Christopher Drew

Los Angeles Times / March 25, 2009
Human Rights Advocate Named State Department’s Top Lawyer by Paul Richter

Newsday / March 24, 2009
Why Does Everyone Hate Duke? by John Jeasnsonne

Seattle Times / March 22, 2009
Dilemma of Policing Secretive CIA by Joby Warrick and Jeffrey Smith

The Washington Post / March 20, 2009
Latest CIA Scandal Puts Focus on How Agency Polices Self by Joby Warrick and Jeffrey Smith

NPR The World with Aaron Schachter / January 23, 2009
America’s Image Matters in Deterring Terrorism

NPR The World with Lisa Mullins / January 22, 2009
Obama’s Guantanamo Challenge

McClatchy Papers / January 22, 2009
Detainees Could End Up in South Carolina by James Rosen

Minnesota Public Radio Midmorning Show / January 16, 2009
National Security Leadership


KSTP/ December 16, 2008
Federal Court Procedures for Terrorism Cases

The Star Tribune / December 14, 2008
Terror Suspect Case Drags on Five Years by Pam Louwagie

Associated Press / November 26, 2008
Potential CIA Chief Cites Critics in Ending Bid by Pamela Hess

The Washington Post / October 14, 2008
CIA Tactics Endorsed in Secret Memos by Joby Warrick

The News & Observer / April 12, 2008
Expert: Rendition Vital but Overused by Jay Price

BBC World Service, Newshour / March 8, 2008

National Public Radio The World / Feb. 12, 2008
Drawing the Line on Torture and Interrogation

The Legal Times / January 21, 2008
Rizzo Has Defended CIA for Three Decades by Joe Palazzolo


The New York Times / December 30, 2007
Tapes by CIA Lived and Died To Save Image by Scott Shane and Mark Mazzetti

The New York Times / December 10, 2007
Destruction of CIA Tapes Cleared by Lawyers by Scott Shane and Mark Mazzetti

Pan-African News Wire / December 8, 2007
CIA and Justice Department Open Investigation into the Admission of Videotape Destruction by Pamela Hess

The Washington Post / December 7, 2007
CIA Destroyed Videos Showing Interrogations by Dan Eggen and Joby Warrick

National Public Radio All Things Considered with Ari Shapiro / December 7, 2007
Fallout Grows from Destroyed CIA tapes

BBC World Service/ December 7, 2007

The New York Times / December 7, 2007
CIA Destroyed Two Tapes Showing Interrogations by Mark Mazzetti

Al Jazeera English / December 6, 2007

The City Pages / December 5, 2007
The Dark Side by Paul Demko

KSTP AM 1500 The Bob Davis Show / November 30, 2007

St. Paul Pioneer Press / November 14, 2007
CIA Misled Judges in Moussaoui Case: Prosecutor Insist Tapes Weren’t Relevant by Greg Gordon

The New York Times / October 12, 2007
Watchdog of CIA is Subject of CIA Inquiry by Mark Mazzetti and Scott Shane

National Public Radio The World / October 4 , 2007
CIA “Black Sites”

National Public Radio All Things Considered / August 30, 2007
Confirmation Hopes Dimming for Top CIA Lawyer

National Public Radio The World / August 27, 2007
Gonzales Resigns

ABC News / July 11, 2007
Love on the Job, CIA Style by Jim Avila, Lara Setrakian and Ellen Davis

New York Times / June 19, 2007
Question Time for Nominee Linked to Interrogations by Mark Mazzetti and Scott Shane

Australian Broadcasting Corporation / June 4, 2007
Four Corners: Torture

Minnesota Public Radio Elizabeth Stawicki / May 11, 2007
Resignations in U.S. Attorney’s Office “Troubling”

Minnesota Monthly / April, 2007
Islam and the West by Alisa Blackwood

WCCO Dave Lee Show / March 28, 2007
CIA and the Cinema

New York Times / June 19, 2007
Military Expands Intelligence Role in U.S. by Eric Lichtblau and Mark Mazzetti


US News & World Report / December 31, 2006
Five Years and Counting in Cuba by Will Sullivan

Spin Magazine / December 2006
When Does an Interrogation Tactic Become Pure Torture? by David Peisner

Minnesota Public Radio/ November 9, 2006
Changing course on Iraq strategy?

The State / October 23, 2006
Tribunals Likely to Face Test by James Rosen

The Mercury News / October 20 , 2006
Opinions Vary on Constitutionality of Tribunal Compromise Law by James Rosen

The Walrus / September 23, 2006
A Very Dark Place by Tom Fennell

New York Times / September 19, 2006
Experts Say Bush’s Goal in Terrorism Bill Is Latitude for Interrogators’ Methods by Sheryl Gay Stolberg

New York Times / September 16, 2006
The Question of Liability Stirs Concern at the C.I.A. by Scott Shane

Chicago Tribune / September 15, 2006
Bush’s Proposed Terror Bill Could Hinder Prosecutions by Andrew Zajac

Star Tribune / September 13, 2006
Moussaoui Juror Quizzes Lawyers

Pioneer Press / September 10, 2006
A Search for Middle Ground in Troubling, Challenging Times

WCCO’s “4 News Sunday Morning” / September 10, 2006
Is America Safer 5 Years After 9/11?

ABC’s The World Today (Australia) / September 7, 2006
Bush hits snag in plan to try terror suspects

Public Radio International’s The World / September 6, 2006
US policy interview

McClatchy Newspapers / September 6, 2006
Doubts Surface if Architects of Sept. 11 Attacks Will ever Go to Trial by Greg Gordon

Minnesota Public Radio / August 10, 2006
New Terror Threat Uncovered

National Public Radio / August 9, 2006
Civilian on Trial on Charges of Beating an Afghan Prisoner

The Washington Post / June 30, 2006
A Governing Philosopy Rebuffed by Peter Baker and Michael Abramowitz

National Public Radio Boston / June 29, 2006
Guantanamo Prisoners’ Future

The New York Times / June 18, 2006
Seeking An Exit Strategy for Guantanamo by Scott Shane

The Columbus Dispatch / May 9, 2006
Article Title by Greg Gordon

Minnesota Public Radio Warren Olney / May 9, 2006
The New Top Spy

Minnesota Public Radio / April 25, 2006
Balancing Government Secrets with Public Oversight

National Public Radio – Boston / April 24, 2006
A Closer Look at the CIA Leak Case

Star Tribune / April 16, 2006
How to Handle the Case of the Next Moussaoui

Minnesota Daily / April 10, 2006
University’s Law School Panel on Terrorism by Elizabeth Giorgi

Public Radio International Warren Olney / April 6, 2006

Star Tribune / April 2, 2006
Al-Qaida Captives Have Uncertain Fate by Greg Gordon

Agence France Presse / April 4, 2006
Moussaoui Trial

Scripps Howard News Service / April 1, 2006
Question: How to Prosecute Moussaoui’s superiors

Star Tribune / February 7, 2006
Trial Begins for Moussaoui

Star Tribune / January 26, 2006
Moussaoui Defense to get Pre-9/11 Data by Greg Gordon


Washington Post / December 30, 2005
Covert CIA Program Withstands New Furor by Dana Priest

Sacramento Bee / December 16, 2005
McCain Amendment by Margaret Talev

The New York Times / December 16, 2005
President Backs McCain Measure on Inmate Abuse by Eric Schmitt

Minnesota Public Radio Midmorning Show / December 7, 2005
President Bush Describes Progress in Iraq

BBC The World / December 7, 2005
Progress in Iraq

The New Yorker / November 14, 2005
A Deadly Interrogation by Jane Mayer

The New York Times / November 9, 2005
Report Warned on CIA’s Tactics in Interrogation by Douglas Jehl

Minnesota Public Radio / July 25, 2005

National Public Radio All Things Considered with Mary Louise Kelly / March 8, 2005
High-Level Terror Suspects Held in Limbo

Australian Public Television / March, 2005

The New Yorker / February 14, 2005
Outsourcing Torture by Jane Mayer

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