Center for Negotiation & Justice

Negotiation-and-JusticeThe Center for Negotiation & Justice was founded in 2007 at William Mitchell College of Law by negotiation experts in private practice and leading scholars in conflict resolution.

The center focuses on three activities:

  1. Developing and offering courses and curriculum on negotiation, drafting, conflict resolution and ADR.
  2. Promoting scholarship on the pedagogy of teaching negotiation, drafting and dispute resolution skills and on best practices in the field.
  3. Providing community service, integrating principled negotiation and conflict resolution with social justice advocacy.

The center’s mission is to explore, develop, and advance the connection between principled negotiation and social justice advocacy, combining these two critical disciplines into a focused study and practice using negotiation as a means of promoting social justice.

The center’s faculty have researched and written extensively on issues of conflict resolution, professional responsibility, negotiation best practices, the connection between negotiating and drafting, and the promotion of social justice through negotiation.