Community Projects

Community Projects

The Center’s community work operates at the intersection of principled negotiation and social justice advocacy, combining these two critical disciplines into a focused study and practice using negotiation as a means of promoting social justice.

Students learn practical wisdom by exploring various facets of negotiation and social justice advocacy in a number of environments. Students have opportunities to study broad applications of negotiation, including international peace initiatives, community conflict resolution, and the support of ethical, innovative approaches to social justice advocacy. Students also participate in and lead workshops, community dialogue, and other advocacy projects involving legal and public policy disputes.

Projects at The Center for Negotiation and Justice

Workshops for Nonprofit Organizations and Community Members on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

The center provides customized workshops to various community groups and their constituencies. The workshops focus on specific challenges faced by the participants, such as collaborating with other groups, negotiating deals or resolving disputes with government or other organizations, and building leadership and negotiation skills throughout the organization.

Recent workshops include programs for Parents in Community Action and Minnesota Head Start.

Professer Ver Ploeg

Youth Conflict Resolution
Workshops and Curriculum

The center offers various programs and curriculum for youth conflict resolution to high schools and other youth-based organizations. The curriculum focuses on issues faced by youth specifically, such as dealing with conflict with friends, family or other community members, negotiating and influencing the decision-making of others, and managing emotions and other impulses in conflict situations.

Recent workshops include programs for the Circle of Discipline, the Minneapolis Public Schools and the Salvation Army.

Consulting with and Advising Nonprofit Organizations and Community Activists

The center provides support and advice to various community groups on issues relating to housing and education, the elimination of segregation, and resolving gang conflict. The center helps organizations build internal consensus and develop creative solutions for working with other organizations and community members on various initiatives.